How Jamf Uses DealRoom to Build and Scale Their M&A Function

Deal time cut in half
using DealRoom
20+ deals, over $200+ million enterprise value
managed on DealRoom
Before DealRoom, there were a lot of opportunities that got left on the table because we didn't track them appropriately, we didn't follow up appropriately, or we just didn't have the time and space because we were still building out reports to give to executives on the last deal.
Matt Arsenault
VP of Corporate Development at Jamf

About the Company:

  • Jamf was founded in 2002, with a mission to help organizations’ IT and Security teams manage and protect Apple Devices.
  • Jamf provides a complete management and security solution for an Apple First environment that is enterprise, secure, consumer simple, and protects personal privacy.
  • Prioritizing a positive customer experience, Jamf offers many resources including blogs, eBooks, research papers, case studies, and webinars to help boost user knowledge and familiarity.


The Jamf team, like many others, was using an Excel-based process for their M&A deals, and it just wasn’t working. What should’ve taken three or four months was taking them six to twelve months to accomplish due to a lack of visibility and manual time spent on tasks that could’ve been automated. They felt that the lost time resulted in lost opportunities for other deals that could’ve been very successful for the company. To find basic information, they would have to search through six or seven pieces of software and ask multiple people where it was. At the end of the day, they desperately needed one single source of truth. The department was made up of only a few team members to start, all with different experience levels, but they all agreed on the fact that something needed to change.

  • Multiple softwares and locations for information
  • Poor knowledge transfer and inaccuracies
  • Excel-based reporting in Keynote, Jira software losing request tickets
  • Misplacing key requests
  • Delays in information and version control issues
  • Lost opportunities due to manual time spent on other deals’ reports and inability to track appropriately
  • Lack of visibility causing lack of accountability and communication among different parties


The Jamf team agreed they needed an end-to-end software solution that helped them throughout the entire M&A process. They also knew they needed to put all of their information on one platform, so they would no longer spend time digging for buried data. They looked at six different solutions before settling on DealRoom, realizing it was the only software that fit the bill. DealRoom was a system that could allow them to standardize their process in one centralized location from pipeline all the way to integration, track what others were doing to keep everyone accountable and on schedule, easily build out reports so they didn’t have to do it manually, and speed up the process so they would no longer have to pass on strong opportunities.

  • Real time updates were crucial for accurate information and DealRoom offered visibility for who did what tasks, resulting in transparency for what was outstanding
  • A tool that they could continuously use to keep all M&A information organized in one centralized and cohesive space, resulting in a single source of truth
  • DealRoom’s capabilities for diligence and analytics reports allowed for Jamf to increase timeliness, quality of work, and accuracy
  • Playbooks allowed for a standardized process, but also customization to meet specific needs
  • Advanced security controls, customizable permission request settings, and priority settings


Jamf is now constantly conducting strong deals with DealRoom, big and small, domestic and international alike. They are finding very promising targets and are able to follow through on fulfilling that process and track them appropriately unlike before. They build their entire process for every deal on DealRoom, and have never experienced issues onboarding anyone, no matter the skill level due to user-friendliness. They’ve found that DealRoom is especially useful for smaller deals when the companies have less capacity for a proper M&A setup, and they can easily be added to DealRoom with the permission settings. Their deal time has been cut in half, they are conducting more deals, they appear more professional while conducting the deals, their communication has greatly improved, they have a faster standardized rapport, better control of the deal, and ultimately a smoother process due to the coordination, reporting, and visibility DealRoom offers.

  • Cut deal time in half, strong time savings
  • Conducted more deals than ever before, including international deals, due to efficiency and timeliness
  • Replaced multiple tools with just one, causing less confusion amongst all using the platform
  • 10 to 15 minute onboarding process due to user friendliness
  • Improved relationships due to less frustration, saved time, stronger communication, and a better reputation during deals



Company Size

501-5,000 Employees


Minneapolis, United States

Product Solution

Apple management, Mac management, mobile device management, enterprise mobility management, iOS management

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