How Emerson Successfully Manages 11 Figure Deals With DealRoom

In this customer success story John Orbe, Associate General Counsel of M&A at Emerson, discusses how Emerson used DealRoom to save an incredible amount of time and money.

About the Company:

  • Emerson was founded in 1890 in St. Louis Missouri and over the years, it has grown from a regional manufacturer into a global technology solutions powerhouse.
  • Emerson fuses decades of experience with technology and engineering to solve complex challenges with innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets.
  • The company focuses on technological innovation, manufacturing expertise, and industry knowledge to automate and optimize production processes.


Emerson felt as though they were getting ripped off by data room providers with hidden fees, outdated per-page pricing, and overall high charges. They felt the prices were too high for the services they were being provided. Emerson found that other data room platforms had lower functionality, and users who were not as familiar with M&A also found the platforms difficult to learn. While Excel trackers were comfortable, they weren’t cutting it anymore. Emerson spent time trying different platforms for each deal, which resulted in time wasted for everyone to learn the tools, chaos, confusion, and efficiency issues. Information was scattered across multiple sources, resulting in uncertainties. They needed a singular platform that would allow for continuity across all deals, one singular source of truth, and a fair price.

  • Unexpected costs with per-page pricing
  • Difficulties onboarding new team members to new data room platforms causing time wasted
  • Low functionality with some platforms, or an overwhelming amount of unnecessary features with others
  • Disorganization of documents, files/updated versions were hard to locate
  • Visibility, traceability, and accountability throughout the overall M&A process
  • Lack of efficiency and speed


As Emerson’s platform issues became worse, they knew they needed to do research to find a platform they could continually use as their business progressed. An analyst at the company did some digging and came across DealRoom. The price seemed right, and it had features the competitors didn’t have, without being overwhelming and confusing. The team tried the demo and found the platform simple to use. Support was always there when someone needed assistance, but overall, platform adoption was a flawless and seamless transition for everyone on the team.

  • An intuitive platform meant less time onboarding new team members and external users
  • The pricing was transparent and fair
  • DealRoom is a tool that they can continuously use to keep all M&A information organized in one cohesive space, capable of adapting as the company does
  • Admins can choose who can access what, ultimately saving time since modifications to data room users, documents, and access controls can be accessed without needing external permission
  • DealRoom’s templates for due diligence, pipeline management, and integration allowed Emerson to have repeatable and scalable processes


Emerson has now been using DealRoom for all their transactions for several years, and they have managed everything from seven-figure to eleven-figure deals on the platform. They have never received a complaint about the platform, no one has had difficulty learning and using the platform, and they barely have to train new users because they pick it up so quickly. They said DealRoom is a “no-brainer”, “makes life easier”, and “saves a significant amount of money”. Their time was instantly freed up by removing the manual labor of Excel trackers, and they no longer felt that they were wasting an incredible amount of money as they did with alternative products.

  • 11-figure deals are now possible with DealRoom
  • Increased capacity to handle more projects and bigger acquisitions leaning into the eleven-figure category
  • Saved an incredible amount of money due to the transparent pricing
  • Improved accuracy, quality, visibility, and momentum going into M&A processes
  • Positive response from all parties involved due to DealRoom’s intuitive onboarding process
I’m a longtime DealRoom user and I’m happy to talk about our great experience with it. We used DealRoom as our data room for an eleven-figure deal.
John Orbe




Industrial Machinery Manufacturing


10,001+ employees


United States, St. Louis


Technology, Engineering, Empowering Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Industrial Automation, Home Comfort, Sensors, Software, Food Quality Protection, Operational Certainty, Project Certainty, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Efficiency, Responsible Refrigeration, Food Waste Solutions, STEM, and Sustainable Energy

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