Strategy & Plans

Check out our library of free strategy and planning templates including acquisition evaluation, acquisition strategy, roles and responsibilities, discounted cash flow model, and more. All our templates can be downloaded with one click and used for a wide-range of industries.

M&A Communication Plan

PE/VC investment process (from first meeting to money transfer) - a scheme explaining stages with timing key processes.

Acquisition Evaluation Template

Our acquisition evaluation template will help you structure potential targets for acquisition.

Acquisition Strategy Template

Our acquisition strategy template is very useful in defining your long-term goals regarding future M&A deals.

M&A Roles and Responsibilities

Our M&A roles and responsibilities matrix will help everyone on the M&A team to understand their place in the overall process.

Business Acquisition Plan Template

The business plan takes these and other acquisition considerations, along with their pros and cons, and organizes them into reusable research.

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Model

Discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation model is a way to value a company/project based on its future cash flows.