Check out DealRoom’s library of premade M&A templates. These templates are free for you to download and can be used within minutes. We cover a wide variety of templates such as form of LOI, clean team agreement, flow of funds, and more.

Deliverables Chart Template for M&A

Our deliverables chart template will help you track all stages of M&A deal from testing to reviewing stage.

Change Management Process Template

Our change management process template will help you to plan the change in any organization after M&A.

Synergy Tracking Template

Our post-merger synergy template will help you to see where the synergy can be improved across the key company components.

M&A Press Release Template

Need to announce a merger or acquisition to the press? Download M&A press release sample template here.

Form of Bid Comparison Chart

Use our bid comparison chart to evaluate offers from multiple Buyers. Compare key issues and deal terms, strategize responses, and analyze offers side by side to ensure you're choosing the best deal.

M&A NDA Template

Prevent unwanted leaks and rumors about a potential deal with our Confidentiality Agreement template. Buyers and Sellers can feel confident discussing a potential transaction knowing their information is protected.

Clean Team Agreement Template

Our Clean Team NDA template can be used in conjunction with our (or any other) Confidentiality Agreement to allow the Buyer and Seller to exchange the most sensitive competitive information. Protect and control access to your highly confidential information with this template.

Flow of Funds Template

Create clear, organized instructions for all payments that will be made at closing. Verify payment and account details and help ensure your closing runs smoothly.