Need ready-to-use M&A integration templates? DealRoom’s library of free, premade M&A integration templates are designed to help teams streamline their workflows. Choose from a variety of industries such as finance, communication, real estate, legal, and more.

M&A Closing Checklist

Our M&A closing checklist template will help you to see key actions and documents related to any M&A deal closing.

M&A Integration Scorecard Template

Our M&A integration scorecard will help to evaluate the M&A integration process on now, after 100 days and after one year after the deal is done.

Merger Integration Timeline Template

Our merger timeline template is a helpful tool to track merger process, key dates and people responsible for the processes.

Finance M&A Integration Checklist

Tailored to assist practitioners to accomplish the financial aspects of integration, this checklist provides a framework for the necessary finance-related responsibilities that should be met for successful integration.

Integration Plan Day 1 Readiness Checklist

This checklist will ensure nothing essential is missed in the integration process. It includes all the typical guidelines and requirements needed for successful integration, however, we encourage teams to customize these checklists to accommodate the specific needs of your deal.

Post Merger Integration Checklist

This checklist template provides a framework for integration requests, tailored specifically for M&A transactions. Initial requests help prompt basic information for an overview of the target company.

Corporate Development M&A Integration Checklist

This checklist provides a framework of requests for corporate development teams. Help prompt basic information for a general overview of the target company with initial requests.

Integration Charter Template

Our Integration Charter checklist is tailored specifically to M&A transactions, providing a framework of requests for high level management presentations. Prompt basic information from the target company such as purpose, budget, and success criteria.

Communication M&A Integration Checklist

Our M&A Integration Communication Checklist provides a framework for integration communication requests.

Legal M&A Integration Checklist

Understanding and conducting the proper legal analysis during integration is essential for completing a successful M&A transaction.

Information Technology M&A Integration Checklist

Our IT M&A integration checklist provides a framework for tasks to be completed during an IT integration.