Finish Diligence 30-40% Faster Without an Excel Tracker

Diligence hasn’t evolved since virtual data rooms came of age. You're still responding to hundreds of requests from buyers and advisors, planning ahead for a successful transition, and figuring out which buyers are engaged. Your data room provide can't do much to ease your workload. DealRoom was created by M&A experts to fix all that.

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Better Communication Around Risks

Every data room touts tracking document downloads and views.

Yet experienced buyers download all documents and never enter the room again (until they put in an LOI). We eliminate this problem. DealRoom makes it easy for buyers to get request answers in the data room. DealRoom catches risks earlier because we track the best indicator: requests.

Smart Request Analytics

Track activities that matter most and catch concerns early.

Shared Space

Work like you’re in the same office as your sell-side advisor.

Less Spreadsheets and Email

Tracking requests and emailing responses is the #1 time waster during diligence. You verify which tracker is current, work with your advisor to answer questions, and email sensitive Excel files to multiple parties. DealRoom allows you to link requests to documents inside the data room, spend less time on logistics, and focus on closing the deal.

Request Tickets

Comments, documents, and analytics in one place.

Instant Recall

Eliminate and answer duplicate requests in 1-click.

Better Security

Most data rooms are encrypted, restricted, and compliant with the highest SEC and FINRA standards. But encryption is worthless the moment a document leaves the secure environment via email. In DealRoom, documents are safely linked to requests inside the room and only visible to those with access. We also provide HIPPA and ITAR compliance for Healthcare or Defense related M&A.

Live-Link Documents

Attach docs directly to questions safely in DealRoom.


SEC & FINRA and ready for HIPPA & ITAR.

Detailed Audit Trails

Document a comprehensive record of party engagement.

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"It’s great that I don’t have to personally follow up with people myself... It has a lot of features that save a lot of time for someone like me who is the coordinating person from the seller’s side."

"Your pricing is competitive even without the request features."

"With traditional data rooms you don’t know who’s in charge of what diligence items, and it delays the deal... This essentially eliminates all that."

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