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DealRoom for an Efficient M&A Process on the Sell-Side

Diligence hasn’t evolved since virtual data rooms came of age. You're still responding to hundreds of requests from buyers and advisors, planning ahead for a successful transition and figuring out which buyers are engaged. Your data room provider can't do much to ease your workload. DealRoom was created by M&A experts to fix all that.

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Looking for a Better Way to Manage a Sell-Side M&A Transaction

In many sell-side M&A transactions, a company hires an investment bank to find potential buyers. The investment bank aims to find the most appropriate buyer, and sell the target company for the highest valuation possible. During this process the investment bank goes through many stages including the seller preparation, marketing, due diligence, negotiation, and more. And as you can imagine, this includes thousands of documents that reveal the ins and outs of the company being sold. The deal process as a whole can take months, and requires teams to be detail oriented and organized.

The software traditionally used for sell-side transactions created many inefficiencies like work silos, lack of accountability, lost communications, and more.

DealRoom gives management teams, clients, and potential buyers a way to collaborate, communicate, and streamline diligence. The software utilizes innovative technology such as document recall and smart search, to enable sell-side teams to work more efficiently, and overall, close deals faster. And our team of former M&A professionals is available for onboarding and customer assistance to make sure teams know how to use DealRoom’s full capabilities.

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DealRoom, a Sell-Side M&A Software

DealRoom provides many benefits to teams going through a sell-side M&A transaction. Our platform helps teams create a M&A process that is efficient, organized, and cost-effective.

Assign Specific Roles

DealRoom ensures that every team member knows their exact responsibility and role on each request. Users can be labeled as an assignee, follower, or reviewer. Requests can also be filtered by roles, allowing users to have a bird’s eye view of team members’ responsibilities with one click.

Drag & Drop Responses

Fulfill diligence requests faster than ever before. Simply drop the proper file onto a request to resolve it. No more fumbling through spreadsheets or manually referencing index numbers.

Actionable Project Analytics

See what documents and files are getting the most attention. This helps teams catch concerns early on, and make strategic decisions quicker. If you are interested in overall room activity, the audit log tracks everything done in the room.

Live Links

DealRoom’s live linking capabilities rapidly reduces the amount of time it takes to answer diligence requests. Users no longer have to look up index numbers, can create requests while reviewing documents, and see all requests related to every document. A complete room site map can also be exported into a PDF with live links.

Premade Templates

To help sell-side with initial room set up, we have premade templates available for teams to select. If we don’t have one that applies to your situation, you can send us your tracker and we will create one for you. Once a template is chosen or created, it can be imported into the room with one click.

Secure Cloud-Based Communication

Our software helps prevent leaks and risky email correspondence between management teams, buyers, and clients. It replaces unsecured and unorganized Excel spreadsheets, which improves collaboration and prevents duplicate work.

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Share Financial and Operational Summaries in a Secure Space

Most data rooms are encrypted, restricted and compliant with the highest SEC and FINRA standards. But encryption is worthless the moment a document leaves the secure environment via email. Also financial and operational summaries are often spread out and shared using multiple word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

With DealRoom, all summaries and reports can be uploaded, shared, transferred, and viewed within the room. The platform supports various file types and is completely secure.

Better Communication About Risks and an Effective M&A Process on Sell-Side  

Every data room touts tracking document downloads and views. Yet experienced buyers download all documents and never enter the room again (until they put in an LOI). We eliminate this problem. In DealRoom, every request has an easy to follow communication thread. It makes it easy for sell-side answer requests in the data room. And every request has an easy to follow communication thread. Users can edit and delete comments, change the privacy status of comments, add file attachments, and more. That is why DealRoom catches risks earlier because we track the best indicator: requests.

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Fewer Spreadsheets, Email, and Duplicate Work

Thousands of Excel line items. Hundreds of back and forth emails. Random attachments. Duplicate diligence requests. The list goes on. These are just a few of the commonly accepted inefficiencies that occur during a sell-side transaction. But what if there was a way to prevent them?

That’s where DealRoom comes in. It allows you to link requests to documents inside the data room, spend less time on logistics and focus on closing the deal.

Follow Buyers’ Engagement

Typically, buyers do a bulk download of all documents and files. They view the information and complete their part in due diligence offline. Since DealRoom gives users the capability to complete due diligence start to finish within the platform, along with other stages of a deal’s lifecycle, the platform captures useful data for sell-side. Teams can track detailed information regarding buyers’ engagement such as document / file views, time spent within the room, request activity, and more.

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Software which Makes Process Productive for Sell-Side M&A

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Why manage sell-side M&A the same way you did 20 years ago?
Say goodbye to communication chaos, disorganized document collection, inefficient data storage, and more with DealRool. Our intuitive software was designed to streamline complex M&A sell side transactions and help teams work smarter, not harder, to get deals closed. The platform utilizes smart technology like instant recall, smart search, and live linking to accelerate diligence and prevent duplicate work.
The DealRoom Agile M&A Platform includes

DealRoom’s document management allows users to securely upload, share, and transfer any files or documents.


Requests eliminate the need for Excel trackers, a line item in Excel can simply become a request in the platform.


Know which users are looking at specific documents and much more with DelaRoom’s advanced analytics features.


DealRoom integrates with modern and useful tools such as Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365 to simplify your M&A process.

All-In-One Agile M&A Software for Sell-Side
Smart request analytics

Track activities that matter most and catch concerns early.

Shared space

Work like you’re in the same office as your sell-side advisor.

Internal communication

Ask questions and get feedback without leaving theplatform.

Complete requests

Provide access to company records and information in a secure location.

Top rated security

Never worry about who has access to your confidential information again.


SEC and FINRA compliant. Ready for HIPPA and ITAR compliance too.

Detailed audit trails

Document a comprehensive record of party engagement.

David F.
"Extremely easy to upload and organize files, delegate grants of authority and monitor access. For due diligence data collection, DealRoom is an excellent platform."
David F., Controller/CFO
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