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At DealRoom, our goal is to help funds and private equity firms keep investors informed, securely store data, and manage client communication. Our software simplifies fund reporting and enhances investor relations.

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DealRoom is a powerful tool that funds and private equity firms rely on when the stakes are high. Whether you are completing portfolio company filings, investor reporting, buy-side diligence, or sell-side diligence, our software streamlines critical workflows. DealRoom private equity software enables collaboration, organization, and an innovative process.

Private equity firms can share confidential documents with partner, lenders, and portfolio companies, as well as utilize DealRoom’s project management capabilities. With our analytics, users can track user activity such as log-in frequency, documents viewed, and more. Always stay in control of permissions with DealRoom’s four simple options; view, download, download original, and edit. The platform supports any file type, so everything can be uploaded, shared, and transferred within the platform.
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Private Equity Firms Need More than Just a Data Room

Since private equity firms are in constant deal mode, they don’t have time to worry about software inefficiencies. DealRoom private equity software is here to assist private equity firms with acquiring and divesting companies, and raising funds, while still proving necessary virtual data room capabilities.
Easy file sharing

The software is a convenient and secure way to share files with portfolio companies. And we support all file types, such as .PDF, .xls, and .JPEG.

Flexible Use

Our customizable private equity software can be used for buy-side or sell-side due diligence, portfolio company filings/reporting, investor reporting, and LP reporting. And, teams can use DealRoom for internal project management.

Simple Permissions

Choose from four simple permissions settings for files and requests, and permissions can always be updated. Choose from view, download, download original, or edit.

Effortless communication

Dealroom provides you and investors with a simple way to communicate about requests, and eliminates one-off emails. All back-and-forth communication is in a running thread with each specific request.

Beneficial Reporting

Keep LPs informed on the details of an investment by spinning up a PDF or Excel report in seconds. Filter by date, groups, lists, and more to easily share the data investors are interested in.

Granular Analytics

Know exactly which users opened specific files, and filter analytics by date, statues, priority, and more. The audit log tracks any and all activity within the room.

One Powerful M&A Platform. Many Uses

DealRoom’s diligence management and virtual data room make it easy to manage funds and portfolios, while staying organized. Set permissions, track user activity, communicate with other team members, and more, without ever having to leave DealRoom. When everything is organized and easy to find, you get a bird’s eye view of your fund and can make decisions swiftly.

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DealRoom ensures that teams can focus on the deal, not the software
Multiple Platforms

Tired of switching back-and-forth between email, Excel, and a VDR? With DealRoom, everything you need is on one platform. Teams can manage their portfolios, spin up LP reporting quickly, and communicate with investors. The software is intuitive to use, and users can customize it to their liking.

Version Control

Do you struggle to keep your investors informed in real-time? With DealRoom, everyone is updated in real-time and notified about important activities. Users can set the frequency of their personal notifications to immediately, hourly, daily, and weekly. Also, admins can send out group-wide announcements.

Lengthy Diligence

Due diligence is tedious and extremely time-consuming. Switching back-and-forth between software, version-control, one-off emails attachments, etc. makes the process even more hectic. Buy or sell-side, our software helps teams complete diligence at least 40% faster. Features such as smart search save users crucial time.

Confidential Files

Teams are able to share, transfer, and upload files, without any security fears. And DealRoom supports all file types. Everything within the room is kept 100% confidential and secure. With our simple permissions, you can make sure users only have access to the files you want them too.

"I love task tracking feature that is unique to the DealRoom software and the fact that you can control permissions down to the individual file level, but what I like the most about this software is the customer support. Additionally, the customer support team is extremely responsive and works to resolve your issue within 24 to 48 hours."
Curtis C., Private Equity Associate
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