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Deal Pipeline Software Generates Clarity

Create a Simplified Process with M&A Pipeline Management

Mergers and acquisitions are intricate and involve a lot of moving parts. Keep track of where deals are in their lifecycle, what deals are coming up, and any areas of concern using deal pipeline management. DealRoom’s pipeline management simply displays an overview of your deals including revenue, business unit, business type, employee count, and more.

Spin up new rooms or export rooms from the pipeline view point. Effortlessly create customizable deal phases and tag each deal. That way, every deal is organized by what stage it is in. For example all deals that are in the due diligence stage can be grouped together.
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Of deal teams waste valuable time going back and forth between software platforms to manage multiple deals.

Build Your Ideal M&A Pipeline Dashboard

Personalize Your M&A Pipeline Management Dashboard
Manage Multiple Deals and Stages

DealRoom’s pipeline management allows users to quickly go back and forth between deals and rooms. On the left side, users can select rooms based on phases. For example, a user can see all the deals that are in the integration phase with one click.

Easily Add New Members

Never miss a deadline with project management capabilities. Our M&A platform lets you assign users on specific tasks. All work done in the platform is updated in real time, so never worry about version control again.

Determine Shown Metadata

Seamlessly transition between different transaction phases and stage information before going live. Enables practitioners to plan for integration throughout diligence with access to crucial analytics.

Create Customizable Stages

Protect all files with file-level encryption; manage file, folder, document, and user permissions and access rights. The platform has 256 bit SSL encryption and strategically separated data centers providing high security.

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Track All Deals in One Place

Allows teams to add notes, action items, and important dates with M&A pipeline dashboard. Customize the dashboard to include the deal specific metadata your teams need quick access to.

Track The Deal’s Request Priorities

The software integrates with teams’ diligence request lists. This way the dashboard neatly displays number of medium priority and high priority requests, as well as open issues.

m&a pipeline progress
virtual data room viewer

Access Project Details with One Click

The project details section is where users can view project phase, description, location, employee count, and more. Each line item can be adjusted at any time.

Preview Deals from a Basic Table View

Users have the option to view their pipeline from either a standard dashboard view, or a table view. The table view includes all the same metadata, just in column and tab form.

M&A pipeline table view

M&A Pipeline Management Tools Features

DealRoom’s M&A pipeline software helps teams go back and forth between deals, while staying organized.
kanban view
Quickly View Priorities

From the dashboard view, users can see how many medium and high priority requests need to be fulfilled.

Access Member Information

From the members section, you can search for individual users, and see their information, role, and rooms that they are a part of.

Easily See Deal Overviews

From the dashboard view, users can quickly see the information about the deal such as number of requests open, last date it was updated, and location.

Incorporate Your Brand

Under the settings section, teams can change the dashboard’s background color to match their brand and upload their logo.

"The ability to create DealRooms on demand is a huge value add for us. With the design, ease of use/ drag and drop user interface, creating a DealRoom takes virtually no time. As such, we waste no time having to upload, convert, shuffle – fit our process into a predesigned framework. DealRoom makes creating a deal rooms as simple and fast as possible."
Matt Brown
Associate at Mosaic Capital Partners

Valuable Pipeline Management Software

M&A Pipeline management software that assists teams with strategic planning for growth.

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