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At DealRoom, our goal is to help investment banks close deals faster, all while providing value to their clients. Stay organized, increase collaboration, and streamline your process.

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Here’s How DealRoom's Data Room Works

Best Data Room for Investment Banking that Minimizes Risk

Software Designed to Improve Investment Banking Diligence
Simple and Swift Implementation

Our team will have your room open and ready for users within minutes. You are also assigned a customer success manager to walk your team through onboarding and training.

Focus on the Deal, not the Software

Our software is designed to enable teams to work efficiently with potential buyers, not be distracted by VDR problems. If anyone has a question or concern, our team of former M&A professionals are available 24/7.

Value, at an Affordable Cost

Our platform offers valuable project and pipeline management, and includes a state-of-the-art VDR, at a price that makes sense. Unlimited users, unlimited data, and no overage fees, all for a one-time flat rate.

Complete Diligence Faster Than Ever Before

DealRoom’s drag-and-drop capabilities allow users to bulk upload files, move files into folders, rearrange folders, and more, all within seconds. To set permissions, all you have to do is pick from four simple options. Never stress about who has access again.

Close deals faster

Traditional vs Innovative Investor Software Used For Investment Banking

Traditionally, due diligence is time-consuming and the process can be somewhat unorganized. After teams start initial document collection, they pick a virtual data room provider and organize files and documents. Next, they invite potential buyers into the data room to begin answering buyer requests. In order to answer requests, teams start sending the Excel tracker back-and-forth, sharing and transferring files, etc. It’s the way the diligence process has been done for many years, and it gets the job done, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient way.

DealRoom takes a traditional M&A data room, initial document collection, emails, attachments, Excel trackers, and buyer requests, and simplifies it into one smooth workflow on an integrated platform. The M&A software eliminates work silos and duplicate work, while enabling communication and collaboration. The requests tab is an innovative new way to complete tasks in regards to potential buyers and the management team, without passing an Excel tracker back and forth. The platform allows for constant communication, preventing one-off emails. The faster teams can complete diligence, the faster the deal can close.
It’s time to make your M&A process efficient, collaborative, and innovative with our investment banking software product.
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Finally, an investment banking virtual data room

Our investment banking software helps you and your team have a better process from day one. Our software is designed to provide value for not just document collection, but the deal’s entire lifecycle, including post-close integration.
The VDR feature is just a small fraction of our investment data room. We completely eliminate common investment banking inefficiencies, like Excel trackers and version control worries. Check out how DealRoom solves real investment banking challenges.

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Diligence management tool designed for investment banking

Why settle for a traditional VDR that only stores data? DealRoom creates a more efficient deal workflow for your team and your clients, and helps close deals faster.
Real-time Updates

Everything in the virtual data room, including files and documents, are updated in real-time, preventing version control worries. Specific roles get time-stamped notifications when actions have been made on a request.

Request Tab

With the request tab, users can attach files, add comments, and ask questions to the appropriate person. Stay current on changes and comments with the easy-to-follow communication thread associated with each request.

Request Analytics

When all diligence goes through the platform, teams capture insightful data such as buyer engagement. Analytics are captured on not only user activity, but document, file, and request activity as well.

Workflow Delegation

Easily assign responsibilities during diligence so nothing gets overlooked and to prevent duplicate work. Roles can be updated at any time should team members be added or removed.

Sharing and Transferring Files

You can safely share and transfer any file type. Users can quickly find all files within the room using the live-linking site map.

Secure Location

We are hosted on AWS, the number one trusted cloud computing platform. Our platform includes strict ID protocol, two-factor authentication and more, to keep all information confidential.

DealRoom Solves Real Investment Banking Software Challenges

Our investment banking virtual data room is designed to fix and prevent common diligence challenges that investment banks face.
Back-and-forth Excel Trackers

Tired of sending an Excel tracker back and forth between team members? Our banking software completely eliminates the need for Excel trackers. All buyer requests can go through the platform, as well as progress updates and comments.

One-off Emails

Sending one-off emails to ask simple questions is tedious and time consuming. Instead of relying on email, teams can communicate about requests within the data room. Users can contribute to a request by uploading a files, answer a simple question, and more.

Email Attachments

You no longer have to search through hundreds of emails just to find one file attachment, instead all files are in the room. Users can use the search feature to find titles by name. They also have access to a site map that lists out everything in the room and includes a site map.

Unclear Roles

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Oh, I thought (insert co-workers name) was doing it.” You can set roles for each request such as assignee, reviewer, follower etc. so you never have to guess who is doing what. If roles happen to change throughout the deal process, they can easily be reassigned and changed.

"We loved the ability to loop in constituents from a variety of places to see only what they needed to see, as well as the granular level of visibility and control that made monitoring and compliance as pain-free as possible. Simple and intuitive, DealRoom's interface made sharing and facilitating a breeze."
Michael M. | Analyst

Dealroom Overview


Interested in learning more about our virtual data room? Sign up for a screen share demo today. Our demos cover the following topics:
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Find out more about DealRoom’s pricing plans. Once you pick a plan, you can have a room up and running within minutes.
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All Inclusive Pricing

No matter what size business you are, we have a plan that will work for you. Our platform includes diligence, integration, and project management, as well as a full feature data room and a dedicate success manager.

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