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M&A Integration Communication Checklist

M&A Integration Communication Checklist
The M&A Integration Communication Checklist provides a framework for integration communication requests. These are tailored specifically to M&A transactions.
  • Most suitable for transactions that involve integration processes
  • Initial requests help prompt basic information for a general overview of the target company
  • DealRoom encourages teams to customize these checklists to accommodate the unique needs of your deal and team
What Does a Communication Post Close Integration Plan Include
The M&A Integration and Communication Checklist template Includes line items for the following: Communication Requirements and Tools, Roadmap, Staffing, and Budgeting, Communications Governance and Plan, Deal Announcement, Announce to Close, and Close to Roll-Off.

Communication Requirements and Tools

Here are example request line items covered in the “Communication Requirements and Tools” section of DealRoom’s M&A Integration Communication Checklist
  • Review Both Acquirer and Target Communications Noting Channels, Style, Frequency, Audiences, and Tone
  • Review Target Operating Models for All Work Streams or Functions
  • Prepare Initial List of Internal Stakeholders for Both Parties: Employees (Can Include Contingents/Outsourcers), Management, Board, Shareholders
  • Prepare Initial List of External Stakeholders: Vendors, Customers, Regulators, Partners, and Media
  • Alongside Change Management Team, Prepare/Review Stakeholder Assessment that Identifies Impacts to Stakeholders

Roadmap, Staffing, and Budgeting

Here are example request line items covered in the “Roadmap, Staffing, and Budgeting” section of DealRoom’s M&A Integration Communication Checklist
  • Determine Whether Communications Budget will be Centralized or Dispersed Among Teams
  • If Budgeting is Dispersed, Prepare and Disseminate Protocol and Timeline for Submitting Budget Line Items, and Carefully Review Submissions for Completeness
  • Alongside Integration Leadership, Determine Communications Program Staffing Model Considering all TOM Requirements, Scope, and Timing Needs
  • Compile Overall Communications Program Budgeting in Accordance with Guidelines Established by Integration Leadership, Adding Contingency Commensurate with Integration Uncertainty, i.e. 15-20% Initially, Reducing with Iteration When Possible

Roadmap, Staffing, and Budgeting

Here are example request line items covered in the “Communications Governance and Plan” section of DealRoom’s M&A Integration Communication Checklist
  • Setup Communications Governance to Preclude Ad-Hoc or Erroneous Communications, Ensure Corporate Communications Group and Management Support with Governance Process
  • Develop a RACI or Other Roles/Responsibilities Outline for Dealing With Leaks or Negative Press
  • Alongside Change Management and Integration Management Office, Ensure the Availability of "IMO@xyzcompany" Email Address, to Allow All Participants to Quickly Reach the Integration Office with Communications Concerns
  • Draft Key Messages for Each Stakeholder Grouping, Including Documenting Desired Outcomes or Actions
  • Review Key Messages with Integration Team and Integration Governance/Leadership, Get Alignment and Approvals

Can I change requests in this checklist or add new?

Every M&A deal and integration communication process is different. Downloaders are urged to make these checklists their own by changing the providing information to better fit their needs.

Does this questionnaire provide all the necessary due diligence information?

This integration communication checklist was created by and for M&A professionals. It includes a comprehensive starting point for any integration process. However, every deal is different and may require additional requests or diligence areas.
Easily Execute Post Merger Integration in DealRoom
The M&A Integration Communication Checklist Template can easily be imported into DealRoom. Here’s how to use the template with DealRoom's post merger integration software:
How to use the template with DealRoom:
  • Download the due diligence template from DealRoom’s website
  • Open a room within DealRoom
  • Go to the Requests tab and select “import”
  • Import the downloaded template

The Requests tab is automatically populated with the requests from the due diligence template. Users can begin assigning, adding to, and completing due diligence requests.

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