How Peanut Butter strengthened investor management with DealRoom

DealRoom has been valuable in terms of keeping the playing field level across all of Peanut Butter’s potential investors by ensuring everyone has the same amount of information at the same time.

About the Company

Peanut Butter Student Loan Assistance gives employers a platform to assist their college-graduated employees with their student loan debt.

Realizing these in-debt graduates are top job candidates, Peanut Butter wanted to create a chance for employers to stand out as preferred companies and attract these highly qualified candidates.

By offering complete benefit packages, employees feel taken care of, and therefore the companies are able to retain college-educated talent. 

To summarize Peanut Butter company is:

  • DealRoom customer of 3 years 
  • Technology startup in Chicago and New York
  • Provides employers with student loan repayment benefit plans for college graduate employees


Peanut Butter Loan Assistance wasn’t involved in any acquisitions, but simply wanted a way to store documents and manage their fundraising pipeline. They wanted a data storage platform that also incorporated project management features. 

Their main concerns centered around selective disclosure and accidentally sharing more or less information with different investors.

Seeing as they were juggling multiple current and prospective investors using only email and spreadsheets, ensuring this consistency was a challenge. 

They also worried about investors sharing confidential information as it was difficult to ensure the documents were not shared or forwarded to other parties. 

  • Wanted an upgrade to their investment management process
  • Data security involving documents related to different investors and their respective industries


DealRoom’s flexible platform allows customization and modification fit to the specific needs of the administrator. 

  • Pipeline management feature can be used to provide current and prospective investors with documents
  • Permissions control feature puts admin in control of their own data 


High-level security offered by DealRoom helps companies feel safe and secure.

Project management overviews allow request progress to be measured. Other reporting tools allow for sleek, brand-standard financial reports used to present to potential investors.  

Peanut Butter Loan Assistance reported DealRoom helping build a strong reputation for their brand. 

  • 20+ hours were saved on diligence tasks with DealRoom
  • Found an overall improvement in data security, reporting, and investor management with DealRoom. 
  • Selective disclosure is easier to avoid due to permissions settings 
  • Branded, built-in reports allow for neatly presented data that aligns with Peanut Butter’s marketing standards

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As soon as I saw the platform, I was really happy to become a user. We’ve established groups for corporate venture capital funds, angel groups, and strategic partnerships. Using the permission settings we can control which group has access to what. We’ve found these request capabilities to be really valuable whether we are pursuing new investors or communicating with existing investors and even recently handling a lawsuit.
David Aronson
CEO of Peanut Butter Loan Assistance


Peanut Butter


Personnel Management




United States


Administrative processing, student loan repayment, employee benefits and talent acquisition

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