Maximized Efficiency: How M&A Firm Raincatcher Increased Team Performance and ROI with DealRoom

40% increase in team efficiency
using DealRoom
10x ROI
using DealRoom
ROI is 10x what we spent on the platform, with deals closing quicker and at a higher success rate.
Jason Thomas
CEO of Raincatcher

About the Company

  • Raincatcher is a national brokerage and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm specializing in low- to mid-market family-owned and operated, founder-led business transactions ranging from 750k-10M in EBITDA. 
  • The diversity in the backgrounds and skill sets of Raincatcher’s entrepreneurial-minded team, ranging from accountants to financial analysts, sets their approach to M&A apart. Their expertise provides clients with firsthand knowledge and experience throughout all stages of the business process, embodying their mission to build, buy, and sell extraordinary companies.


Like many M&A firms, Raincatcher struggled to manage its data rooms through spreadsheets and email, an inadequate project management system that only disrupted workflows and created bottlenecks across teams. Additionally, communications splintered as manually tracking documents and responses during due diligence interfered with the firm's efficiency, and security concerns arose, highlighting a need for individualized access and permissions. 

Recognizing these discrepancies, they sought a platform to serve as their single source of truth and streamline their M&A processes across the transaction lifecycle.

Negative Business Impact

  • Operating across multiple tools and platforms slowed processes and increased the potential for human errors. 
  • Disorganized sharing and document storage made reviewing and tagging risks labor-intensive and time-consuming.
  • Insufficient data protection allowed buyers to view each other within data rooms, leading to conflicts of interest. 

These challenges collectively stalled their team's efficiency, prolonging timelines across all transactions.


Raincatcher considered eight other platforms before selecting DealRoom to consolidate its operations under a unified, fully integrated management system purpose-built for M&A. They found DealRoom to be among the few capable of managing the complexities of the complete deal lifecycle, with data room storage, centralized communications, enhanced security, pipeline tracking, customer support, and more. In addition, with DealRoom came its dedicated, highly responsive support team, offering assistance from template customization to implementation planning.

The ability of DealRoom to collaborate with us, customize the platform according to our needs, and assist in devising a complete implementation plan is what edged us to choose DealRoom. - Jason Thomas, CEO, Raincatcher

Why DealRoom?

  • Customizable functionality that solved everything as Raincatcher wanted more than a “canned, off-the-shelf product." 
  • DealRoom offered Raincatcher the flexibility to organize and mirror current processes with robust, standardized templates serviced by the industry.
  • The intuitive platform centralized all documents, communications, and workflows, improving project organization and accessibility.
  • Advanced security features delivered individualized access, restrictions, and permissions for document viewing and sharing.
  • DealRoom's pricing structuring allows over 100 external users to work on the deal without extra charge.


  1. Enhanced Transactional Diligence: Raincatcher optimized its M&A processes by conducting deals entirely within the DealRoom platform, improving productivity and performance.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: DealRoom's intuitive system, comprehensive guides, and personalized training sessions significantly reduced friction during Raincatcher’s rollout and adoption. 
  3. Unrivaled Customer Support: Raincatcher found DealRoom to be an invaluable, responsive, and adaptable partner when customizing features and templates to meet their needs.
  4. Seamless Collaboration: Key stakeholders found navigating DealRoom much simpler, aided by automation and real-time reporting to expedite decision-making and deal closures.
  5. Competitive Edge: Raincatcher gained a competitive advantage in pitching and securing new clients by demonstrating greater professionalism, attentiveness, and value with DealRoom facilitating improved organizational efficiency.


Consulting & Professional Services

Company Size

1-50 Employees


Denver, CO

Product Solution

Sell-side, M&A Advisory, Due Diligence, Business Valuations, Exit Planning, and Transaction Execution Support

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