How to Build M&A Origination Process

Practitioner Playbook: The Best Strategies for Advantageous Deal Sourcing

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Proven ways to transform your M&A process for the better.

Learn How to Build an Effective M&A Origination Process

Corporate development teams work day in and day out building relationships and mastering a cadence of communication in order to favorable position themselves to prospective sellers. In this ebook, we will explore how the best corporate development teams identify their targets, move past “gatekeepers” to build relationships with sellers, and gather essential information so they can ultimately get a deal closed.

Customers Who Use DealRoom to Streamline Their M&A

About DealRoom

M&A is perhaps the most complex, information-dense and unpredictable process within the corporate sector. M&A transactions begin with the promise of innovation and value creation by combining the strengths and cultures of two unique entities. However, somewhere during the antiquated, avaricious M&A process, these initial goals are often lost.

As M&A deals continue to grow in quantity and transaction size, DealRoom aims to create more collaborative, people-driven and equitable deals that focus more on the original vision of innovation.