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DealRoom’s Agile M&A white paper introduces readers to the principles and benefits of Agile M&A and teaches them how to incorporate the methodology into everyday processes.

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Agile M&A

At its core, Agile is a problem-solving mindset for constantly-changing environments. Since the 1990s, Agile project management practices have proven to be successful in a variety of industries, including software development, biotech, defense, and financial services, among others.

Agile M&A incorporates these successful implementations and creates a model tailored to the specific needs of the M&A industry.Agile is adaptive instead of predictive, iterative instead of sequential, and flexible instead of rigid. Well-suited to highly dynamic M&A processes, the Agile approach allows teams to react quickly to emergent conditions and close deals faster.

Inside this white paper, you’ll find the principles and benefits of Agile M&A, along with real applicable ways to incorporate Agile M&A into your daily workflows.

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About DealRoom

M&A is perhaps the most complex, information-dense and unpredictable process within the corporate sector. M&A transactions begin with the promise of innovation and value creation by combining the strengths and cultures of two unique entities. However, somewhere during the antiquated, avaricious M&A process, these initial goals are often lost.

As M&A deals continue to grow in quantity and transaction size, DealRoom aims to create more collaborative, people-driven and equitable deals that focus more on the original vision of innovation.