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New Synergy Tracker from DealRoom and Slalom Empowers M&A Teams to Maximize Synergy Realization on Every Deal

Kison Patel

Kison Patel is the Founder and CEO of DealRoom, a Chicago-based diligence management software that uses Agile principles to innovate and modernize the finance industry. As a former M&A advisor with over a decade of experience, Kison developed DealRoom after seeing first hand a number of deep-seated, industry-wide structural issues and inefficiencies.

CEO and Founder of DealRoom

Add-on capability to the DealRoom M&A Optimization Platform combines M&A software expertise from DealRoom and proven value-based integration methodology from Slalom.

June 13, 2024 - DealRoom, the leading M&A lifecycle management platform, and Slalom, the global business and technology consulting company, have partnered to launch Synergy Tracker, which enables M&A teams to define synergies, connect integration plans to them, and report on the realization of those synergies over time.  Synergy Tracker combines Slalom’s proven value-based integration methodology with Dealroom’s software expertise to maximize synergy realization in every deal and realize synergies three times faster.

"Synergy Tracker provides the connective tissue between corporate development and integration teams who are siloed due to separate trackers, tools, and processes," says Kison Patel, CEO & Founder of DealRoom.  "By empowering teams with Slalom's value-based methodology and the DealRoom synchronized approach to diligence and integration, Synergy Tracker drives visibility, alignment, and ensures that M&A teams maximize synergy realization."  

Today’s M&A teams face challenges with realizing full synergy value due to fragmented processes and siloed information between corporate development and integration teams. Traditional methods, such as disparate spreadsheets for tracking synergies, can lead to misalignment that results in inefficiencies, like re-diligencing of deals, and lost opportunities for value realization. 

Synergy Tracker addresses these issues by providing corporate development and integration teams with one central place for defining, tracking, and reporting on synergies.  This synchronization of due diligence and integration processes increases visibility of defined synergy goals, enabling integration teams to plan more strategically and individuals to see how their tasks tie to specific value realization. 

"As our M&A project approached its critical closing phase, the need for efficient tracking of synergy realizations is crucial. The introduction of Synergy Tracker from DealRoom has been a game changer, perfectly aligning with our specific requirements," said Nathan Yeager, Integration Manager at Allied Solutions, LLC.  "This capability allows members of different teams to track, organize, and report on synergies in one place, ensuring improved visibility.  It not only saved us the hassle of creating multiple reports and spreadsheets, but also significantly reduced the time involved in these processes."

The addition of this new capability further extends DealRoom’s position as the only software provider to optimize the end-to-end M&A process. Key features of the Synergy Tracker capability include:

  • Centralized synergy management: A single location to define synergies, connect integration plans, and track progress. 
  • Customizable tracking: Flexible fields and data points tailored to the unique needs of each deal. 
  • Visibility and alignment: Clear insights into how individual tasks contribute to overall synergy goals, fostering collaboration and eliminating silos. 
  • Robust reporting: Comprehensive tools to monitor synergy targets, costs, and achievements over time. 
  • Enhanced collaboration: Permissions settings to control access and ensure relevant team members can view and edit necessary information.

“Our focus for any M&A integration is to help our customers be value-centric, people-focused, and enabled by technology,” said Chris von Bogdandy, global M&A lead at Slalom. “The new Synergy Tracker capability will enable that focus through a centralized platform for deal management – helping them work quickly and efficiently to realize more value through their deals.”

Synergy Tracker is available today for all DealRoom existing and potential customers.  For more information visit or reach out to your customer success manager today.

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