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The Role of M&A Lawyers [Real Stories from an M&A Attorney]

Addressing the Main Challenges Faced by M&A Attorneys and Their Clients 

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“These are some of the largest, most sophisticated deals we have going on in our society, and we’re conducting them in this outdated way that’s decades old. This didn't make sense to us."

On this Episode 

Kison speaks with Paul Koenig, Founder and CEO of SRS Acquiom, an innovative platform that manages escrows, payments, risks, and claims for complex M&A transactions. Paul developed SRS Acquiom as a way to address the industry-wide inefficiencies he experienced during his nearly two-decade career as an M&A attorney: billing, knowledge management, and project management.

Paul discusses the main challenges faced by attorneys and shareholder representatives during M&A transactions and his journey to developing meaningful solutions. Paul explores his experience as an entrepreneur and the obstacles he faced while bringing his software to market and growing the business.

Paul and Kison also discuss their vision for the future of M&A and the role innovative technology will play in its advancement. 


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction 

00:53 - Main Challenges Faced by M&A Attorneys: Billing, Knowledge Management, and Project Management

5:00 - How are these Challenges Overcome?  

8:00 - How to Drive More Efficiency Through Organized Knowledge Management 

9:30 -  Billing on Value Added not Time Spent 

10:20 - The Inspiration for Developing SRS Acquiom 

13:30 - Confronting Growth Challenges and Expanding the Business

17:20 - How Industry-wide Inefficiencies Impact Deal Outcomes

19:35 - How does SRS Acquiom Solves Some of These Challenges?  

22:00 - Increasing Transparency between M&A Attorneys and Their Clients

25:40 - How to Standardize Unique Deals to Increase Efficiency

29:26 - Challenges of Making Meaningful Progress in the Industry

30:39 - How will the Industry Evolve Over the Next Decade?

32:50 - Tales from the M&A Trenches 

38:10 - Ending Credits 


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