M&A Resources for Your Team

Check out our collection of our most popular educational resources for each stage of the deal lifecycle, from sourcing and strategy all the way to integration. Our library aims to share the advice and knowledge from M&A experts and includes ebooks, podcast, webinars, and more.

Agile M&A Book

Based on case studies with Google and Atlassian, Agile M&A looks at how serial tech acquirers have applied Agile techniques to their M&A process for scale and better outcomes.

How Successful Diligence and Integration Planning Frames Successful M&A and Valuation

Kison Patel sits down with Erik Levy, to discuss how the approach to valuation sets the precedent for integration and diligence. He has completed over 150 acquisitions, minority and venture investments and strategic partnerships.

How to Identify and Deal with Issues During Diligence in M&A

Together, Jeff and Kison discuss approaches to take for deal negotiations, how to present an offer and prepare yourself for any responses you may get, and what the main priorities of diligence are.

The HR Practitioner’s Guide to M&A Due Diligence

In this podcast you’ll find the HR practitioner's guide to M&A and due diligence, covering topics such as when to bring HR in, major HR risks, and how to weigh risks.

12 Biggest Mistakes in Integration

Ebook that consolidates various interviews and surveys into the biggest mistakes made during M&A integration

Keeping Teams Aligned during Integration

Ebook based on a presentation from Google’s corporate development team on best practices to enable collaboration during M&A

Making Integration Successful from both Sides of the Deal

Christina Amiry, Head of Integration at Atlassian sits with Steve Elliot, CEO of Agilecraft that sold to Atlassian to discuss the factors that make M&A Integration a success.