DealRoom Software Admin Help Guides

DealRoom Software Admin Help Guides
Marsha Lewis
VP of Marketing at DealRoom

DealRoom Platform Help Guides

These help guides go over the DealRoom platform including the navigation, requests, data room, permissions, synergies, OKR, reports, and settings tabs.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is where you can view / access your pipeline and rooms.

DealRoom Navigation Bar

Requests Tab

After a request list is imported into DealRoom, quickly fulfill requests by using drag and drop. The platform will automatically organize and store files within the correlating folder in the documents tab. Increase accountability on tasks and projects by assigning clear roles such as assignee, reviewer, and follower. Users with task roles receive a notification when any update has been made to the request. Quickly find your assigned tasks by selecting the "Assigned to me" option.

DealRoom Requests Overview
DealRoom Requests
DealRoom Individual Request
DealRoom Individual Request

Data Room Tab

The data room tab's content empowers teams to transform, retrieve, and classify documents and folders all within one platform. Benefit from features such as bulk upload, built-in document view, smart search, drag-and-drop, and more. The convenient built-in Excel and document viewer gives users file visibility, without ever having to leave the platform.

DealRoom data room
Data Room
DealRoom document viewer
Document Viewer

Permissions Tab

This is where all permissions for the room are set, including members, files, and requests permissions. You can also create a new group, add new members, and copy group permissions. Note that all file permissions are set on a group level.

DealRoom permissions
DealRoom file permissions
File Permissions
DealRoom requests permissions
Requests Permissions
DealRoom Uploaded Files Permission Confirmation
Uploaded Files Permission Confirmation
DealRoom Other Permissions
Other Permissions
DealRoom Other permissions contiuned
Other Permissions Continued

Synergies Tab

The synergies tab is where you can create a new deal synergy, edit current synergies, or delete synergies.

DealRoom synergies tab
Synergies Tab
DealRoom Editing a Synergy Tab
Edit a Synergy


The OKR tab is where you can create, edit, or delete objectives and key results.

DealRoom OKR tab
DealRoom Creative an Objective
Create an Objective
DealRoom Create a Key Result
Create a Key Result
DealRoom Update a Key Result
Update a Key Result

Reports Tab

The reports tab is where you can see a requests overview, requests activity, top active users, data room activity, and the audit log. Utilize filters such as groups, lists, priority, and statues to access the data you need. Data can be displayed in a variety of different charts. All reports can be exported to Excel.

DealRoom Requests Progress Reports
Requests Progress Reports
DealRoom Requests Activity Reports
Requests Activity Reports

DealRoom Requests Activity Reports
Data Room Activity Reports
DealRoom Audit Log Reports
Audit Log Reports

Room Settings Tab

In the room settings, you can change a room's name, background color, and request commenting settings. This is also where you can create list keys, close a room, or delete a room.

Dealroom room settings
Room Settings
DealRoom room settings continued
Room Settings Continued

Notifications Section

In the bottom left-hand corner of the navigation bar is the notifications section. This is where you can create announcements, check room notifications, filter notifications, and set all user / email notification preferences.

DealRoom Notifications
DealRoom Email Notification Settings
Email Notification Settings

Help Section

In the bottom left-hand corner of the navigation bar is the help setting. Here is where users can access FAQs, watch tutorials, provide feedback, and receive support help.

DealRoom Help Tab
Help Tab

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