DealRoom Admin Pipeline Guide

DealRoom Admin Pipeline Guide
Marsha Lewis
VP of Marketing at DealRoom

Admin Pipeline Guide Sheets

These admin pipeline guides go over DealRoom's pipeline functionality from an admin's point of view.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is where you can view / access your pipeline and rooms.

DealRoom Navigation Bar
Navigation Bar

Board View

Access a room, save custom views, export a deal list to Excel, create a new deal, and more.

DealRoom Board View
Board View

Table View

Access a room, update custom fields, ort by custom fields to create a custom view, save custom views for quick future access, and more.

DealRoom Table View
Table View

Timeline View

Adjust the timeframe for your desired timeline view and see the expected deal duration.

DealRoom Timeline View
Timeline View

Deal Card - Notes View

Leave deal updates, bring up notes' text, edit notes, delete notes, add a contact to a deal, and more.

DealRoom Deal Card Notes View
Deal Card - Notes View

Deal Card - Groups View

See room's groups, members, and invites, and enable group reporting.

Deal Card Groups
Deal Card - Groups View

Deal Card - Emails View

Log emails to a deal card and view associated attachments.

DealRoom Deal Card Emails
Deal Card - Emails View

Deal Card - Phases View

Track how long a deal is in each phase, edit dates, and leave comments.

DealRoom Deal Card Phases
Deal Card - Phases View

People Overview

Search for users, filter rooms by users, export contacts to Excel, create announcements, and more.

DealRoom People Overview

Deleted or Closed Deal Card

If a room has been closed or deleted, you can reopen the room or remove the room from the pipeline.

Deleted or Closed Deal Card
Deleted or Closed Deal Card

Reports - History Tab

Export report history to Excel and see fields at a specific date and time.

DealRoom Reports History
Reports History

Reports - Phases Tab

The phases tab is a timeline view of how long each deal is in each phase.

DealRoom Reports Phases
Reports Phases

Reports - Dashboard Tab

Create a custom chart / report, see what reports looked like for a specific date, adjust a chart's size, and reorder charts on the dashboard.

Reports Dashboard
Reports Dashboard

Reports Dashboard Add View

Determine a chart's title, type, calculation preference, sort order, and more.

DealRoom Reports Dashboard Add View
Reports Dashboard Add View

Settings - General Tab

Set the organization's name, select new phases, edit existing phases, determine deal orders, view data storage, and more.

DealRoom Settings General Tab
Settings General
 DealRoom Settings General Tab Continued
Settings General Continued

Settings - Custom Fields Tab

Create custom fields to dictate which deal metrics appear on deal cards. These fields will also be used for filtering and reporting. Use custom fields to track user information. group reports, data room documents, OKR data, and synergy data.

DealRoom Settings Custom Field
Settings Custom Field
 DealRoom Settings Custom Field Continued
Settings Custom Field Continued

Settings - Authentication

Require two factor authentication upon log in.

DealRoom Settings Authentication
Settings Authentication

Settings - Deal Pipeline Access

Grant specific deal pipeline access, receive an overview of each members' access level, and change a user's access level.

DealRoom Settings Deal Pipeline Access
Settings Deal Pipeline Access

Grant Access to Deal Pipeline

Type in team members' email addresses to give either general user, manager, or admin access.

DealRoom Grant Access to Deal Pipeline
Grant Access to Deal Pipeline

Settings - Deals Trash

Restore or permanently delete any rooms that have been deleted from the pipeline. The deals trash view is only available for dashboard admin and rooms in the trash still count as active data.

DealRoom Settings Deals Trash Tab
Settings Deals Trash


Cancel your subscription, view invoices, and pay invoices.

DealRoom Billing

Notifications Section

In the bottom left-hand corner of the navigation bar is the notifications section. Create announcements, check room notifications, filter notifications, and set all user / email notification preferences.

DealRoom Notifications

Help Section

In the bottom left-hand corner of the navigation bar is the help setting. Access FAQs, watch tutorials, provide feedback, and receive support help.

DealRoom Help Tab
Help Section

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