September 12, 2023

Findings: Your Collaborative Tool for Risk and Issue Management in M&A

Throughout the M&A process, risks and issues can emerge from any corner.

DealRoom's new feature, findings, enables teams to identify, manage, and mitigate these challenges in real time. Whether you're knee-deep in due diligence or in the thick of integration, findings offers a structured way to log these concerns, develop mitigation or resolution plans, and assign responsibilities.

Below, we look at the key benefits of and showcase how findings help you better accomplish your goals and streamline your M&A process.

Immediate Risk Logging and Categorization

The moment a risk like "Undisclosed Tax Liabilities" is identified during document analysis, it can be logged, categorized, and tied to specific tasks like "Provide Comprehensive Tax Compliance Documentation."

Immediate Risk Logging and Categorization

Teams now save even more time by removing manual tracking or delayed responses, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making rather than administrative chores.

Collaborative Mitigation and Resolution Plans

Team members can immediately discuss and develop a mitigation plan for each logged risk or issue. For example, if the risk is "Inadequate Integration of Financial Systems," the mitigation plan might involve both Finance and IT workstreams.

Collaborative Mitigation and Resolution Plans

This ensures that everyone is aligned and accountable, streamlining internal communication and accelerates problem-solving, making teams more productive and informed.

Real-Time Notifications for Immediate Action

Get instant alerts for new risks, status updates, or comments. This keeps you in the loop at all times, enabling quicker responses to emerging challenges.

Customizable Risk Parameters

Define the severity and likelihood of each risk, allowing for a more nuanced approach to resource allocation. This feature brings clarity to the decision-making process, helping you focus on what truly matters for the success of the deal.

Comprehensive Logs for Full Transparency

All risks, issues, actions, and decisions are logged in a centralized findings report, accessible and updatable in real-time. This not only fosters collaboration but also serves as a historical record, aiding in future risk assessment and corporate learning.

Take Control of Your M&A Risks and Issues

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