August 30, 2023

Enhanced Requests View: Your Diligence and Integration Management Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Why we built this: You asked, we listened.

We know the struggle. You're juggling multiple tasks, from diligence to integration, and the last thing you need is a clunky UI slowing you down. That's why we've revamped our "Requests" view, designed to make your life easier and your work more efficient.

Below is a summary of differences this update makes to your work:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Manage diligence faster and smarter.
  • Increased Productivity: Spend less time searching and more time doing.
  • Faster Team Adoption: Ensure both internal and external teams can quickly get on board, reducing the time-to-proficiency.
  • Minimized Oversight Risks: The chances of missing crucial details or overlooking tasks are reduced by enhanced overview.

So, what's new?

Below is an overview of the features that make your work faster, easier, and how.

1. Inline Data Editing: Edit on the Fly, No More Tab-Switching

Gone are the days when you had to navigate to a new page just to edit a single field, disrupting your workflow and focus.

With our new inline data editing feature, you can click directly on any editable field and make real-time changes, just like you would in an Excel spreadsheet. Editable cells even come with intuitive icons based on their purpose, making it easier to identify what can be edited.

inline data editing
  • Instant Field Updates: Modify fields in real-time without navigating to a separate page.
  • Excel-Equivalent Editing: Experience the ease of spreadsheet editing within the platform.
  • Icon-Indicated Editability: Visual cues like headshot icons for "Assignee" cells guide you on what can be edited.
"We've been using the new UI for a week, and it's already made a huge difference in our workflow. The inline editing feature is a game-changer."
Jake Shier, Integration Team Lead, Raco

2. Quick Filters: Find What You Need, When You Need It

Forget about scrolling endlessly to find the task you need. Our new quick filters allow you to sift through tasks by status, priority, due date, assignee, and more—instantly find what you're looking for.

You can even apply multiple filters simultaneously for laser-focused data sifting.

quick fillters feature DealRoom
  • Multi-Attribute Filtering: Apply filters for task status, priority, due date, assignee, reviewer and more, all at once.
  • Custom Filter Views: Create your own filter combinations to display only overdue or unreviewed tasks.
  • Action Bar Access: Easily find and apply filters from the action bar for quick adjustments.

3. Personalized Views: Your Workspace, Your Rules

Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all interface. Our new feature allows you to customize columns and views to suit your unique operational style.

Adjust column order, visibility, and even the width to create a workspace that's tailored to you, exactly your liking.

personalized view dealroom feature
  • Column Management: Reorder, hide, or display columns based on your workflow needs.
  • Width Customization: Adjust the width of columns for a more comfortable viewing experience.

4. Requests Table Default View: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

No more settling for a generic default view that doesn't reflect your team's specific needs. Now you can set up a default view that aligns with your operational style, making it easier for everyone on the team to get on the same page.

This doesn't affect individual preferences; team members can still adjust their personal "Requests" view if needed.

requests table UI DealRoom feature
  • Team-Wide Default Settings: Customize the default view for both internal and external users.
  • Task Status Customization: Set task statuses that align with your team's workflow in rooms of your organization.
  • Member-Specific Views: Individual team members can still personalize their "Requests" view.

5. Improved Timeline View: Your Integration Roadmap at a Glance

Limited visibility into task dependencies and timelines are a thing of the past.

Our enhanced timeline view provides a comprehensive snapshot of your integration progress. It even auto-adjusts due dates based on task dependencies, giving you a clear roadmap of your integration process. Learn more about Gantt chart here.

imrpvoed timeline view
  • Workstream Duration: Gain insights into the length of each workstream for better planning.
  • Effortless Timeline Adjustments: Make easy timeline changes for individual tasks.
  • Automatic Task Scheduling: Experience auto-updating of due dates based on task dependencies.

6. View Progress of Requests: Transparency at Every Step

We are also reintroducing the ability to view the progress of requests.

Now, it's not just admins who have this ability; everyone involved in diligence and integration can get in on the action. By clicking on the progress icon in the left "Worklists" sidebar, you can choose to view progress in absolute numbers or percentages. This feature provides a detailed breakdown of request statuses, offering invaluable insights for internal diligence teams, sellers, and integration teams alike.

  • Universal Access: Not just for admins—any user group involved in diligence and integration can view progress.
  • Flexible Display Options: Choose to view progress in either absolute numbers or percentages.
  • Status Breakdown: See how many requests are open, reopened, in progress, resolved, and more.
  • Role-Specific Insights: Internal diligence teams like HR, Finance, and IT can track completed requests, while sellers can monitor requests still under review.
  • Integration Team Utility: The same functionality extends to integration teams for tracking work stream progress.

What's Next: Future Updates

We're not stopping here. Expect more updates that will continue to streamline your diligence and integration processes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.

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