September 26, 2023

Streamlining Your Pre-Diligence Workflow with Deal Tasks

Deal tasks enable corporate development professionals to enhance organizational efficiency and accountability, and also ensure timely follow-ups during the initial, critical pre-diligence stages of deals.

By allowing users to create, schedule, and assign tasks associated with specific deals within the M&A pipeline, we ensure that no action is overlooked and every opportunity is seized.

Task Creation and Assignment

Whether you’re a Corp Dev manager or a team member, create tasks like “Contact Dan Morris about potential acquisition” and assign them to the right personnel, ensuring clarity and accountability in every step.

Timely Due Date Notifications

Set granular due dates and times, receiving prompt email and in-app notifications, ensuring every move is executed on time, and no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Agile Task Editing and Deletion

Adapt to the dynamic deal environment by effortlessly editing task details or removing them when they are no longer pertinent, maintaining an agile and current workflow.

Transparent Task Completion

Mark tasks as completed after action execution, offering transparency and a sense of achievement to the team.

Centralized Task Management Hub

Access a comprehensive view and manage all tasks associated with diverse target companies in one organized hub, sorted by due date, enabling efficient and strategic planning.

Admin Oversight and Granular Permissions

Admins enjoy a panoramic view of the team’s work on deals, with the ability to assign tasks to appropriate group members and maintain a secure and structured workflow through granular permissions.

For a detailed guide on how to leverage this feature to its fullest, please refer to our upcoming support article.

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