The Best M&A Software Providers in 2019

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M&A Software Comparison

Best M&A Platforms Overview
With so many M&A software options available, it’s hard to know which one is right for you and your team. Each provider has unique offerings and some are tailored to specific industries and deal types. When considering your M&A platform options, take the time to see how each one compares to each other. Our M&A Software Comparison chart covers areas such as features, users, data, price, and more.

Pricing Plans

Flat Rate
Flat Rate
Flat Rate
Flat Rate
Per Page
Per Page

Pricing for 1 project

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No Info

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Data

Projects amount (number of rooms)

No Info
No Info

Base fee

for 10,000 pages
for 10,000 pages
No Info
No Info

Archive (DVD/USB)

3 free


Multiple Administrators

Detailed Access Control

Document Collection Workflow

Recall Responses


Designed to Reduce Deal Fatigue

Integration Planning Features

Diligence Management

API Access

Audit Logs & Advanced Analytics

Real-Time Activity Reports

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So, What is an M&A Software Tool?

An M&A software is a platform designed to help manage M&A processes and workflows. M&A software tools typically include features for each part of a deal’s lifecycle including pipeline, diligence, and integration management.

The Best M&A Software Companies Overview

As stated above, there are many different M&A software providers out there. Some of them approach M&A in a traditional way, such as Intralinks and Merrill. Others, like DealRoom and FirmRoom, aim to modernize the way M&A platform is used. There is also a variety of ways M&A software charges customers, such as per page, monthly subscription, and flat-rate. Each one includes different offerings within their standard pricing.

Here is a list of well known M&A software providers:

M&A Software Solutions Overview

Quality M&A software provides customers with ways to improve their processes, whether that be through innovative features, easily accessible training and customer support, or fair pricing. The M&A process goes far beyond document storage and so should your M&A software provider. All M&A software providers should provide document, project, diligence, integration, and pipeline management.
A collaborative M&A platform that combines diligence, pipeline, and integration management with a traditional virtual data room.
A FinTech platform for secure document sharing and collaboration.
An end-to-end M&A software platform that supports all deal stages and helps teams work better together
A complete and secure cloud-based M&A software for corporate development and integration teams used by top companies around the world.
For corporate clients, EKNOW provides M&A Tools as a web-based, secure software-as-a-service.
Merrill DatasiteOne is an efficient and highly secure virtual data storage system and sharing platform.
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m&a Software platform overview

What features are specific to M&A software tools?

List of features that have M&A software but does not have simple VDRs
M&A software is typically equipped with basic virtual data room features plus additional M&A project management capabilities. For example, M&A software includes ways to help teams manage their deal pipelines, integration, and diligence.
Virtual Data Room and Due Diligence Management
Teams can safely upload, store, and share documents and files. They can also benefit from features such as bulk upload, built-in document view, smart search, and drag-and-drop.

Project Management
Project leaders can manage all internal and external tasks using M&A software. M&A deal management software makes it easy to set priorities, due dates, task roles, add attachments, and more.

Integration Management
When M&A software, users can track integration work streams and analytics, as well as plan for integration alongside due diligence using labels and dependencies.

Pipeline Management
Deal teams are able to access and manage all their deals on one deal flow software platform. Pipelines give users a way to quickly see the overview and status of each deal they are working on.

Where M&A software platform is used

M&A Software is used across a wide variety of industries:
Investment Banking
Initial document collection, due diligence, integration management, third party access, pipeline management
Corporate Development
Initial document collection, due diligence, M&A pipeline management, and strategic decision making, internal team management
Private Equity
Fund reporting, investor portals, data storage, and investor and client communication
M&A, litigation, public finance, legal extranet, and procurement
real estate
Real Estate
Property exchange, an appraisal, facilitating a sale or purchase, and advisory services
Renewable Energy
Project development, venture management, environmental audit, and coordinating investment opportunities
Oil and Gas
Fundraising, environmental audits, communication with regulators, and joint ventures
Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
Fundraising, licensing, biotech, pharmaceutical, and clinical research diligence
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M&A software benefits

Advanced M&A software can provide many benefits to your overall M&A process. Not only can M&A platform meet all your basic software needs, it can also streamline complicated workflows, speed up diligence, and enable real time collaboration.

Streamlined Workflows
Turn your inefficient process into a well organized procedure. Complete all investigation workflow, communication, and document management in one secure software, instead of across multiple software platforms with disconnected processes.

Secure Document Storage
Benefit from secure document storage including strict ID protocol, customizable allowances, two-factor authentication, data siloing in private cloud servers, encrypted data, and more.

Detailed Analytics
Access analytics to make more informed deal decisions. Discover engagement buyers, which users viewed what documents and how often with advanced analytics.

Updates in Real Time
Stay current on room activity with real time updates. Because due diligence can go through the room, users no longer have to pass an Excel tracker back and forth and worry about version control.

In-platform Communication
Start a request comment thread, and if needed, approve comments before they are visible.  Users can also tag and mention other users in the comments section and the tagged user will automatically be added as a request follower.

Beneficial Reporting
Export all analytics, activity, and data charts to a PDF or Excel with one click. The complete audit log can also be exported to Excel.

Simple Permissions
Choose from four levels of file permissions including view with a watermark, download with a watermark, download original, and edit. Permissions are set on a group level and can be adjusted by admins at any time.

Workflow Delegation
Assign key roles such as assignee, follower, and reviewer, to members of your team. You can also set due dates, priorities, and statuses for each request.

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