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Day 1 Readiness Checklist

Integration Plan Day 1 Readiness Checklist
Conducting proper and thorough integration is vital to establishing an effective Day 1 plan and execution. Ultimate deal value creation will hinge on how well organizations integrate on all levels, and this checklist will ensure nothing essential is missed in the process.

  • Most suitable during integration planning and execution for complex M&A transactions in preparation for Day 1.
  • Includes the typical guidelines and requirements needed for successful M&A integration.
  • DealRoom encourages teams to customize these checklists to accommodate the unique needs of your deal and M&A process.
What Does a Day 1 Readiness Checklist Include?
The following checklist in an all-encompassing look at the requirements needed to complete thorough integration for a successful Day 1. The checklist includes the areas that practitioners should consider before approaching Day 1 planning and execution. This checklist serves as a guideline and should be customized to fit the specifics of each M&A deal.

1. Key Day 1 Target Operating Model Milestones: Sales and Operations

This section ensure all operating models are evaluated and developed within sales and operations. This includes branding, training, expense policies and market offers. Successful planning this aspect of integration will allow business operations to run smoothly from Day 1.
  • Responsibility for All Customers/Distributors/Partners, Channels Defined, CRM Updated
  • Market Offers Defined and Priced, Supporting Materials Day 1 Ready
  • Joint Sales Models Defined, Including Compensation and Messaging, Branding is Clear Sales Cross Training Completed
  • Sales Travel and Expense Policies Aligned, Travel Readiness Confirmed (Credit Cards, Travel Agency Accounts, Etc.)
  • Approach to Upcoming Conventions, Shows, Trade Fairs Defined
  • Weekly Sales Transition Calls Scheduled

2. Key Day 1 Target Operating Model Milestones: Human Resources and Employee Onboarding

Before Day 1 can be properly executed, integration practitioners must work with human resources to develop organizational design, offer letters and employee onboarding/training.
  • Organization Design Finalized
  • Offer Letters Sent
  • HR Master Data Records Set Up
  • Payroll and Benefits Tools/Personnel Day 1 Ready
  • Buddy System Day 1 Ready
  • Required Training Day 1 Ready
  • Orientation Events Organized, All-Hands and Departmental
  • Business Cards, Stationary, Etc. Day 1 Ready

3. Key Day 1 Target Operating Model Milestones: Real Estate and Leasing

Integration practitioners must prepare real estate facilities before Day 1, which will include signing leases, creating security protocols and furnishing the site.
  • Critical Leases and Contracts Migrated/Novated
  • Day 1 Badging and Security Protocols Ready
  • Day 1 Temporary Signage Ready
  • Sites Furnished and Ready for Day 1 Use
  • Network and Telephony Access Tested for Each Site
  • Insurance/Utilities/Services Ready for Day 1 Transition
  • Required Training Day 1 Ready

4. Key Day 1 Target Operating Model Milestones: IT and Telephony

Implemented the proper and needed technology is critical for a successful Day 1. This includes setting up emails, devices and technology training.
  • Email Addresses Set Up
  • Devices Ready, Including Mobility and Historical Data Transfer/Archiving
  • Day 1 Critical Development and Deployment Activities Complete
  • Day 1 Critical Data Migrations Complete
  • Day 1 End-To-End Scenario Testing Completed Satisfactorily
  • Required Training Day 1 Ready
  • All Required Contracts/Licenses for IT are Day 1 Ready

5. Key Day 1 Target Operating Model Milestones: Finance and Legal Entity

Conducting proper legal and financial due diligence and integration is essential to Day 1 value creation. This includes establishing legal entities, vendor contracts and expense reimbursement processes
  • Legal Entities Established
  • New Vendor Data Added and Tested
  • Vendor Contracts in Place
  • New Customers Added and Tested
  • Customer Contracts in Place
  • General Ledgers, Profit Centers, Cost Centers, Charts of Accounts Set Up
  • P-Cards, Company Credit Cards Day 1 Ready
  • Expense Reimbursement Process Day 1 Ready

6. Key Day 1 Target Operating Model Milestones: Communications and Change Management

Approving and confirming Day 1 plans and communications with the appropriate business functions will enable limited bottlenecks during Day 1 integration, so that the original vision and value of the deal can be created.
  • Legal Close Press Releases Ready
  • Training Plan Approved and Facilities/Instructors/Tools Day 1 Ready
  • Day 1 Communications for 3rd Parties Ready: Vendors, Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Etc.
  • HR Confirms that Day 1 Events/Orientation Sessions, Manager Toolkits, and Buddy Protocols are Ready

Can I change or add new requests in this checklist?

Every M&A deal presents unique and different challenges, especially as Day 1 planning and execution is concerned. Downloaders are encouraged to edit and make these checklists their own by changing the provided information to better fit their needs.

Does this checklist provide all necessary integration information for the Day 1?

This Day 1 readiness checklist was created by and for M&A professionals. It includes a comprehensive starting point for the Day 1 integration process. However, every deal is different and may require additional requirements and tasks.
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