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Modern and Efficicent M&A Deal Management

Ditch the spreadsheets and learn why DealRoom is M&A software of choice for real-time collaboration, granular security, and streamlined workflows for deals that close faster and smarter
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Without M&A Software

85% of M&A teams working on deals say speed is the #1 priority

So what’s slowing you down?
Sharing deal files should be simple, but it’s a nightmare
Limited visibility and siloed data turn into liabilities
Teams are stuck updating spreadsheets
Info gets buried in messy email chains
With M&A Software

Accelerate deals & make better decisions

Purpose-built M&A software streamlines your entire M&A journey, from due diligence to integration. With deal insights centralized, go from siloed to seamless and close deals up to 2x faster.
This is how DealRoom's
M&A Software works

End-to-End Deal Management

Streamline deals and get a holistic view of your M&A activities
  • Manage all deal-related documents, contacts, and files in one unified platform.
  • Track deal progress, identify risks, and make informed decisions
  • Use data-driven insights to track, analyze, and prioritize targets.

Efficient Collaboration

Eliminate communication silos and foster seamless collaboration
  • Enable real-time collaboration and workstream progress tracking
  • Maintain a clear record of all discussions
  • Ensure timely responses and action on feedback with @requests and task due dates

Streamlined Due Diligence

Effortlessly manage and expedite the due diligence phase
  • Upload pre-built due diligence checklists and never start from scratch again
  • Invite sellers to upload documents and receive real-time updates on progress
  • Centralize all due diligence data for quick access and organized review

Pipeline Management

Streamline your M&A deal flow for maximum efficiency
  • Manage acquisition opps without the spreadsheet madness
  • Generate one-click, customizable BI reporting that actually makes sense
  • Never lose critical documents with an organized attachment storage

Collaborative Environment

DealRoom fosters a collaborative workspace. The ability to send messages, assign tasks, and work seamlessly with both internal and external team members is crucial. This ensures everyone is aligned, reducing miscommunication and enhancing productivity.

Document Management

Secure storage and management of crucial documents is a must. DealRoom’s features like drag 'n drop uploads, auto-indexing, multi-level permissions, and full-text search are essential for effortless organization, protection, and retrieval of files.

Comprehensive Deal Overview

DealRoom allows you to manage multiple deals simultaneously, providing a holistic view of each deal's metrics down to the finest detail. This aids in better decision-making and strategy formulation.

Timeline Visualization

With DealRoom, you are able to visualize deals on a timeline, helping you in comparing deal lengths, start dates, end dates, and other essential metrics. This aids in tracking progress and anticipating future moves.

Diligence Management

Streamlining the diligence process is essential. Traditional tools like Excel trackers are outdated. Look for features that monitor high-risk requests, track diligence progress, and review document activity.

Seamless Integrations

The software should offer integrations with modern tools like 
Slack, Email and others ensuring a centralized hub for collaboration and deal management. This ensures all your tools work efficiently 
and in harmony.

Pre-built Templates

Speed up your M&A process with pre-made templates. Whether it's due diligence checklists or integration plans, having a library at your disposal gives you a head start every time.

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Where M&A Software Helps

Most Common M&A Software Use Cases

Discover how DealRoom’s M&A software addresses the unique challenges faced by professionals in the M&A landscape. From pipeline management to complex transaction, fins tailored solutions for every step of your M&A journey.

Pipeline Management

M&A platform, such as DealRoom, streamlines your M&A pipeline, no matter its size. With a visual dashboard, monitor deal progress, pinpoint bottlenecks, and ensure every opportunity is capitalized on. Maintain a complete visibility at any time and efficiently manage deals from start to finish.

End-to-End M&A Project Management

Coordinating an M&A project is no small feat. From scouting to final integration, DealRoom covers every phase. Collaborative tools, real-time updates, and purpose-built workflows keep teams aligned, ensuring precision and complete control at every step.

Deal Flow Management

Maintaining control of incoming deals can be overwhelming. M&A software allows you to categorize, prioritize, and track deal opportunities. Ensure each deal is evaluated effectively, allocate resources wisely, and drive data-informed decisions.

Post-Merger Integration

M&A software allows for the fastest diligence and integration execution. Navigate the integration of operations, teams, and tech with DealRoom. Task tracking, milestone setting, and collaborative spaces ensure goals are met, synergies realized, and any challenges tackled head-on.


Every transaction has its nuances. Whether it's an IPO or a joint venture, DealRoom's platform is tailored for each transaction type. Centralize documentation, communication, and due diligence for efficient deal execution.

Choose the right M&A platform

The right M&A software provider can significantly cut your deal timelines, improve collaboration, and help you and your team realize more synergies and value. We show you everything you need to know to choose the best platform for you.

Compare the plans DealRoom’s M&A platform offers

Single Project
Manage your competitive sell or buy processes
Deal origination management, ideal for 0-1 acquisitions/yr
Execution Suite
Complete M&A lifecycle management, ideal for 2+ acquisitions/yr
Project Management
Create / complete diligence tasks, assign users, set dates, communicate with team members, and attach files
Data Room
Securely store and organize all file types
Pipeline Features
Deal tracking, project details, timeline views, and member information
Execution Features
Diligence, pipeline, integration, and document management
Project Management
Diligence task creation, pre-made room templates, progress tracking, and in-platform communication
Contact support via phone, chat, or email, as well as onboarding support

Realize the power of a well connected tech stack

DealRoom’s M&A platform creates a central hub for collaboration and management across your deals, providing a single, authentic source of data to boost productivity, align teams, and streamline transactions.

More questions about M&A management?
We have answers

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is M&A software and how does it help in mergers and acquisitions?

M&A software is a specialized tool designed to streamline and manage the complex processes involved in mergers and acquisitions. It helps in organizing data, facilitating communication, managing due diligence, and tracking deal progress.

Can M&A software integrate with other business tools?

Yes, many M&A software solutions offer integration capabilities with other business tools such as CRM systems, financial software, and project management tools, ensuring seamless data flow and improved efficiency.

Is M&A software secure enough to handle sensitive data?

Security is a top priority for M&A software. Platforms, such as, DealRoom employ advanced security measures like encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to protect sensitive data.

How does M&A software improve due diligence?

M&A software provides a centralized platform for storing and sharing due diligence documents, tracking due diligence progress, and facilitating communication among team members, making the process more efficient and thorough.

Can small businesses benefit from M&A software?

Absolutely. M&A software is scalable and can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes by providing structured workflows and data management, which are crucial in any M&A transaction.

How does M&A software handle regulatory compliance?

M&A software includes features to help manage compliance with various regulations, offering templates, checklists, and reporting tools to ensure adherence to legal requirements.

Is training required to use M&A software?

While M&A software is designed to be user-friendly, some training may be beneficial, especially for complex features. Many providers offer training and support to ensure users can fully leverage the software’s capabilities. DealRoom is the fastest-to-adopt software in the category.

Can M&A software be customized to fit specific business needs?

Some M&A software solutions (including DealRoom) offer customization options to tailor the platform to specific business processes, deal structures, and industry requirements.

What is the cost of implementing M&A software?

The cost varies depending on the provider, features, and scale of the solution. Some providers offer flexible pricing models to accommodate different business sizes and needs. DealRoom offers free onboarding and puts emphasis on ease of implementation amongst teams.

How does M&A software facilitate collaboration among teams?

M&A software typically includes collaboration tools such as shared workspaces, communication channels, and task management features, enabling teams to work together efficiently regardless of location.

How does M&A software compare to traditional methods of managing M&A?

M&A software offers a more organized, efficient, and collaborative approach compared to traditional methods, which often involve disparate tools and manual processes.

What happens to the data in M&A software after a deal is completed?

Post-deal, the data in M&A software can be archived for future reference, ensuring a record of the transaction and its associated documents is maintained.

How quickly can an M&A software solution be implemented?

Implementation time varies but many solutions can be set up relatively quickly, allowing teams to start using the software in a short timeframe of less than 2 weeks.

Is customer support readily available for M&A software users?

Most M&A software providers offer customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat, to assist users with any issues or questions. DealRoom offers 24/7 expert live chat support.

DealRoom’s M&A Software Features

  • End-to-End M&A Lifecycle Management

    • Sourcing:
      Our platform empowers you to identify potential deals using advanced analytics, ensuring you focus on opportunities that align with your strategic goals.
    • Due Diligence:
      Dive deep into every aspect of a potential deal. With our organized and secure data rooms, you can review documents, track changes, and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time.
    • Integration:
      Post-acquisition, seamlessly merge assets, teams, and processes. DealRoom offers tools that help you identify potential integration challenges early, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • State-of-the-Art Data Room Capabilities

    • Document Management:
      Beyond just storage, our data rooms allow for real-time collaboration. Annotate, discuss, and review documents with your team, all within a secure environment.
    • Version Control:
      Never lose track of document iterations. Every change is logged, ensuring you always have access to both the latest version and a comprehensive history.
    • Granular Permissions:
      Control is in your hands. Decide who can view, edit, or comment on documents, ensuring information security.
  • Collaboration & Communication Tools

    • Task Management:
      From high-level objectives to granular tasks, track everything. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress in real-time.
    • Centralized Communication:
      Eliminate the chaos of endless email threads. Discuss projects, share updates, and make decisions using our integrated chat and comment features.
    • Seamless Integrations:
      Connect DealRoom with tools you already use, like Slack and Teams, ensuring a unified communication experience.
  • Agile Project Management

    • Customizable Workflows:
      Every M&A process is unique. Customize DealRoom to mirror your workflow, ensuring the platform works for you, not the other way around.
    • Dynamic Progress Tracking:
      Visual tools like Gantt charts and Kanban boards give you a clear picture of where you stand, helping you identify bottlenecks and optimize processes.
    • Real-time Alerts:
      Stay proactive with real-time notifications. Whether it's a task update, a looming deadline, or a team message, you're always in the loop.
  • Unparalleled Security

    • Robust Data Protection:
      Your data's security is our top priority. With advanced encryption techniques, we ensure your information remains confidential and safe from breaches.
    • Industry-Standard Compliance:
      DealRoom meets and exceeds industry standards, boasting certifications like SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001.
    • Granular User Permissions:
      Beyond document access, control every aspect of user interaction. From viewing data to making platform-wide decisions, you decide who can do what.

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