Create Shareholder Value and Profitable Growth

Experienced acquirers know consistency is king. Successful mergers happen because of smooth transitions - from diligence to integration - according to 49% of CEOs interviewed by Deloitte. Capture learnings in each new deal and effortlessly build best-practices into your workflow.

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Diligence That Takes 35% Less Time

Streamline communications by removing Excel trackers, emails, and frequent meetings from the diligence process. Centralize risk findings, documented request answers, and share across functional teams. Create open communication between teams without adding more meetings to your calendar.

Request Tickets

Set reviewers, automate follow-ups, and get answers fast.

Instant Recall

Eliminate and answer duplicate requests in 1-click.

Visual Request Lists

Live tracking, less email, and more secure.

Import Requests

Reuse Excel diligence templates in seconds.

Identify and Plan for Integration Risks Early

If you work with an experienced deal team, you discover a hidden, but distinct pattern: they ‘get’ integration. Integration is the hidden part of the M&A iceberg; it’s where 90% of the work gets done. DealRoom is the first commercial VDR built to rollover diligence findings into integration. Identify issues sooner to avoid ‘you bought it, you broke it’.

Integration Tagging

Tag items in diligence to create an integration plan in real time.

Diligence Insight Rollover

Use deal notes and markups during integration.

Integration Manager

Add task dependencies to stay ahead of the integration schedule.

Out-of-the-box Privacy Protection and Compliance

One wrong cc risks publicizing the entire deal. DealRoom’s encrypted data room prevents sensitive information from leaking out to the wrong parties.

Live-Link Documents

Never search through the data room to find a document.


SEC & FINRA and ready for HIPPA & ITAR.

Simple Permissions

Control access to docs and request lists all in one tab.

Poor processes and  limited bandwidth distracts you from executing successful transactions. See corporate development teams, PE firms, and investors who successfully deliver results using DealRoom:

"I’m impressed you guys are HIPPA compliant, that’s pretty huge."

"It’s quite difficult to find a decent software that lets you easily track synergy and integration costs."

"When there’s a buy-side advisor aggregating all information for functional teams, this is solid."

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DealRoom saves time and decreases risk. It’s the go-to process management tool for teams who don’t have time to waste. Leave Excel trackers and endless email threads to your competitors using other data rooms.

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