M&A Advice from a Former Marine

How a Former Marine Approaches M&A

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

"We see small companies all the time that start with a small strategy and have that strategy evolve over time. Not only there’s nothing wrong with having a strategy evolve, it makes sense."

On this episode

Ken Marlin, author of The Marine Corps Way to Win on Wall Street and managing partner of the investment bank Marlin & Associates, discusses advising buyers, business strategies, and setting clear business objectives. 

Marlin's military training inspired him to develop a strict approach to M&A. Like in the Marines, Marlin sets and achieves clear objectives, identifies strengths and weaknesses upfront and is truthful with potential partners and clients.

Marlin explains that similar to the Marine Corps, all tactics must be designed to advance a business towards a clear, long-term objective.


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