We want to transform M&A

The idea for DealRoom began in a small office in downtown Chicago in 2012. Our founder, Kison, was running a boutique M&A practice that focused on hospitality. He realized the standard technology available for M&A created inefficiencies such as work silos, duplicate works, and version control issues. He knew there had to be a better way and that the M&A industry desperately needed project management.

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We Knew We Could Make the Process Smarter

The process needed to be smarter, more iterative and everyone should be able to communicate easily. Clients and bankers should be able to stay on the same page, effortlessly. Everyone should be aware of risks and focused on forging great enterprises. Herculean efforts and sleepless nights should not be required to make successful deals.

In our quest to create our platform, we assembled a team of M&A professionals to figure out the true pain points in the industry. Our software truly is designed to solve your problems.

Our goal is to help close deals faster

When we created DealRoom 6 years ago, our goal was to transform the M&A process.
We saw a need for a better technology, one that refined the entire lifecycle of a deal, from initial document collection to post-merger integration.

Our solution was DealRoom, a smart system based upon Agile principles and designed for multi-party collaboration. DealRoom reduces distraction and cost, all while simplifying the process.

We Strive to Fix Real M&A Issues

At DealRoom, we value our customers, and strive to save you time and money.
DealRoom is 40% faster and up to 50% less expensive than a typical data room.
We also provide you with insightful analytics, so you can track progress, activity, and gather insightful data for future use.

We come up with solutions to actual M&A problems.

We’re builders without borders

At DealRoom, we understand that the world of M&A is constantly evolving, and so does our platform. We constantly discuss current industry issues with our customers, and update our software to address current problems. We strive to roll out new features and capabilities to ensure that your process is running as efficient as possible.

At the end of the day, our goal stays the same, to help you close deals faster.


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In our quest to create our platform, we assembled a superior team of professionals that have an extensive M&A background. We collaborate with our community of M&A experts to get continuous feedback on industry changes. Our combined backgrounds allow us to understand the experience, as we have been a part of all phases of the deal, from sourcing to the final phases of integration.

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