Reverse Auction in M&A

Oct 31, 2022 12:00 PM (CST)


Atul Tiwary
Corporate Development


“You need to have a broader corporate strategy in place and figure out how M&A fits into that. M&A is just a process and a tool that can help you get there.” - Atul Tiwary

The M&A auction process creates competition among potential buyers and drives prices up. In most cases, proactive acquirers tend to avoid these types of transactions, but buyers can also initiate and create their own auction process.

In this webinar, Atul Tiwary, Vice President of Corporate Development at Barracuda (NYSE: CUDA),talks about the reverse auction process in M&A including how the process works and why should acquirers consider it.

Key points

Things you will learn in this webinar:

  • What is a reverse auction process
  • The benefits of a reverse auction process
  • Approaching target companies
  • Communicating the reverse auction strategy
  • Steps to execute a reverse auction process

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