Making M&A Go-To-Markets Successful

Jan 4, 2021 12:30 PM (CST)


Gwen Pope
Mergers and Acquisitions, Cloud Technology @Google

About the event

“When building your GTM plan, knowing your rationale and how you think you’re going to execute is only as good as knowing the endpoint.” - Gwen Pope.

When building your GTM plan, you have to start with your baseline deliverables. What are the things that need to happen for the functions to be fully integrated? 

In this interview, Gwen Pope, Head of Global Product M&A at eBay, talks about how to create a successful M&A GTM plan.

Key points

Listen in and learn about:

- The importance of getting your house in order

- How to pressure test your deal rationale

- Steps to building your GTM plan

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