How to Get Alignment From Both Teams During M&A Integration

Dec 15, 2022 12:00 PM (CST)


Don Yakulis
M&A Integration

About the event

‍"Doing M&A integration is disruptive, and you want to move relatively quickly. In many cases, you can only do that if both teams are aligned on where you're headed." - Don Yakulis

Understanding the deal’s objective is imperative for integration leaders and they must work closely with the deal team. Knowing the deal’s north star will help integration leaders facilitate the functional teams focusing on diligence.

In this webinar, Don Yakulis, Global Head of M&A Integration at Light and Wonder, discusses the importance of achieving alignment from both teams during M&A integration.

Key points

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Importance of integration
  • Integration team aligning with the Deal team
  • How to get alignment with the business sponsor
  • Alignment with the target leadership team
  • Best practices for integration


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