How to Execute an Integration Plan (Day 1)

July 20, 2022 12:00 PM (CST)


Gene Hugh
Chief Financial Officer at Procure Analytics
John Morada
COO at M&A Science + DealRoom

About the event

"Executing an integration plan is 99% about people and 1% about the framework. So if you get it right with the people, the integration will go much better." - John Morada

Throughout Gene and John’s years of experience, they know that plans never go perfectly. Always expect the unexpected.

In this webinar, Gene Hugh, Chief Financial Officer at Procure Analytics, and John Morada, COO at M&A Science + DealRoom, discuss how to execute an integration plan on day one.

Key points

When it is day one:

1. Clearly define where the IMO sits

2. Who the steering committee is

3. Who the workstream leads are

4. Where the leads should go when they have questions

Socialize the framework so people will work to avoid bottlenecks and delays. Manage expectations as to who owns what.

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