Growing through Multiple Roll-ups

Apr 24, 2023 12:00 PM (CST)


Sam Youssef


“You're not acquiring just to grow. You're acquiring because you will do something with the target that will make your overall company stronger.” - Sam Youssef

According to Sam, there is a tremendous competitive advantage in doing roll-ups if the acquirer can manage the businesses better than before. The purpose of roll-ups should be to drive more growth or profits to the acquired businesses and improve each one.

In this webinar, Sam Youssef, Founder and CEO at Valsoft Corporation, shares his experience in doing multiple roll-ups.

Key points

Things you will also learn in this episode:

  • The power of roll-ups
  • Distinguishing good acquisitions
  • Entering a new vertical
  • Lessons learned in growing through multiple roll-ups

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