First Conversation to LOI Session 2

Jan 17, 2023 12:00 PM (CST)


Ken Bond
Head of Corporate Development at Cetera Financial Group


"The goal of an LOI isn't to get the exact number. The goal is to provide a number that has a solid basis from which you can make adjustments." – Ken Bond

The initial conversations shouldn't be about asking the seller whether they want to sell their business. Instead, the conversation should be about getting to know one another. Be curious enough to understand the seller's vision of the company and let them guide the conversation.

In this webinar, Ken Bond, Head of Corporate Development at Cetera Financial Group, discusses the key things to consider during pre-LOI conversations.

Key points

Six steps from initial conversations to LOI:

  • Have a Clear Strategic Appetite
  • Explore the Art of the Possible
  • Agree on Confidentiality
  • Bring in Key People
  • Build the Valuation Model
  • Draft the LOI

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