Divestitures from a Legal perspective

July 7, 2022 12:00 PM (CST)


Andrew Gratz


“Whether you like it or not, lawyers influence everything. Any strategic action a company will take has legal consequences, so it is best to have lawyers in the room when the strategy is being developed.” - Andrew Gratz

Similar to selling a house, you need to present the documents and data room in an organized format. Examples of files that need to be thoroughly checked include the teaser, confidential information memorandum, and purchase agreement.

In this webinar, Andrew Gratz, Chief Privacy Officer, and Associate General Counsel at LyondellBasell, talks about divestitures from a legal perspective.

Key points

In this webinar, you will learn about common issues to consider when selling a business:

  1. Contractual issues
  2. Employment issues
  3. Tax issues
  4. Debt instrument
  5. Permits
  6. Licenses
  7. Intercompany agreements
  8. Regulatory issues

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