Creating the Right Governance Structure in an M&A Deal

Feb 7, 2022 9:00 AM (CST)


Tomer Stavitsky
Corporate Development, Partnerships and M&A Lead, Digital & Data Business Unit at Intuitive Surgical

About the event

 "In my experience, the person that does the diligence should be the same person that does the integration. Because whoever discovered the diligence findings can translate them into integration activities in real-time instead of handing them off to another person." - Tomer Stavitsky

Having the right people oversee your post-merger integration efforts will prevent delays and ensure that your integration plan is executed properly. 

In this webinar, Tomer Stavitsky, Corporate Development, Partnerships, and M&A lead, Digital & Data Business Unit at Intuitive Surgical, talks about creating the proper governance structure in M&A deals.

Key points

Watch this webinar to learn about

  • How to solidify your corporate strategy
  • Creating the right deal team
  • Keeping your deal team aligned
  • How to lead an M&A deal from diligence to integration
  • Setting up your governance structure

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