COVID-19's impact on M&A

Thursday, April 2 · 3:00 PM CDT


Kison Patel
CEO and Founder of DealRoom
Toby Tester
M&A and Divestiture Advisory
Fred Thiel
Chairman and Chief Advisor of Thiel Advisors
Kevin Robbins
Partner at Blue Delta Capital Partners

About the event

COVID-19 has already had a significant impact on M&A. Learn about the views, responses, and predictions from executives, dealmakers and board members. Featured speakers include Toby Tester, Kevin Robbins, and Fred Thiel.

Key points

In this webinar, you will learn about

  • the current impact COVID-19 has had on M&A
  • predictions for the future of M&A activity
  • ways teams can adapt to still complete deals

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