Building an Exit Path

Sept 19, 2022 12:00 PM (CST)


Touraj Parang
President & COO of Serve Robotics


"Companies don't do deals, people do. So it's good to get to know the people that do the deals." - Touraj Parang

Entrepreneurs start new ventures because they have a mission and the best chance to achieve that is to be acquired by a larger company. Building an exit strategy starts with the right mindset. Accept that planning early is in the company's best interest and that M&A is almost inevitable.

In this webinar, Touraj Parang, President & COO of Serve Robotics, discusses how to build an exit strategy.

Key points

How to Build an Exit Strategy:

  1. Collaborate with key stakeholders
  2. Build an exit strategy canvas
  3. Enter the long game
  4. Enter the short game
  5. Getting term sheets

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