Accelerating M&A Integration

Dec 19, 2022 12:00 PM (CST)


Caroline Jones
Senior Director

About the event

‍"It doesn't matter how quickly we accelerate the execution on our side. We could have offers and products ready to be sold, but it takes the go-to-market teams being ready for integration to be successful." - Caroline Jones

Speed is of the essence regarding M&A integration. The faster integration is executed, the better it will be.

In this webinar, Caroline Jones, Senior Director - Acquisition Success at Cisco, discusses how to accelerate M&A integration.

Key points

Knowing the strategy behind the integration helps their team identify the following:

  1. What to preserve in the target company
  2. What are the integration risks
  3. What are the plans to address the risks
  4. What are the costs required to achieve the expected synergies


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