DealRoom Software General User Guide Videos

DealRoom Software General User Guide Videos
Marsha Lewis
VP of Marketing at DealRoom

DealRoom General User Video Tutorials

These help guide videos go over the DealRoom platform from a general user point-of-view. Learn how to upload a document, create a new request, set email notifications, and more.

1. How to Upload a Document to a Request

Upload documents into the room directly to a request by dragging and dropping. Once you’ve dragged and dropped to the request, choose the folder to map this document to. This is also where the document will be stored in the Documents tab. From the main screen, see the file you’ve uploaded attached to the request.

2. How to Create a New Request

Add a new request to any list by clicking "new request" from the Requests tab. Create the request by selecting the list you would like to add it to. You then type a title, add a description, assign someone to this particular request, update the priority, and add a due date. Once created, it will be added to your request list.

3. How to Search for a Document and Sort Files

In the Documents tab, search for documents by searching for text in the title or inside of an actual document. Also, sort files by when they were most recently uploaded to the room, by clicking "recent files". Here, you’re able to filter by the date range that these files were uploaded.

4. How to Update Request Properties

Update the properties of a request from the main screen by toggling over the icons or by opening up the request itself. Leave any sort of comment and respond to existing threads, update the status, assign people to tasks, and other additional actions.

5. How to Download Files and Folders from the Room

Download certain files or folders from the room by clicking the gray box, then hit "download". Include the folder structure and index numbers. Select "notify via email" to get a link once the download is completed. Also, download the entire room by choosing the "download all" button.

6. How to Set Email Notifications

Set your email notifications for when to receive alerts from the room by clicking your Settings tab. From here, under "email notifications", select the notification frequency, the time of day, as well as the type of notifications you receive. Press "save" and you will have updated your email notifications.

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