DealRoom Product Tour

DealRoom Product Tour
Marsha Lewis
VP of Marketing at DealRoom

DealRoom is a complete M&A lifecycle management software that is designed to execute M&A better. It can manage your deal from sourcing, to diligence through integration. The platform also has VDR functionality that is very simple to populate.

DealRoom will centralize your workflow to keep everything on one platform. This means your team will spend a lot less time on admin tasks and more time on what actually adds value.

In this video, we go over five key areas:

  • How to set up your deal process in just a few minutes
  • How to simplify the document collection workflow
  • How to enable collaboration across functions
  • How to manage multi-parties during the deal process
  • How to make reporting fast and simple
  • Then we’ll wrap up with technical details and available resources
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