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At DealRoom, data security is a top priority. Our secure virtual data room keeps data accessible to those who need it, while keeping it completely secure.
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DealRoom | Secure Project Management Software for M&A

At DealRoom, we understand the importance of data security and maintaining confidentiality during deals. Our secure virtual data room was built and designed with security as a priority.

Dealroom not only meets industry security standards, but goes the extra mile to ensure all information is kept secure and documents are protected. Our platform’s security measures provide clients with controls, reporting, and procedures required to keep all their data and operations safe. We go above and beyond industry standards to reduce risk and eliminate security fears.
Find out how DealRoom's secure data room can keep your data safe, so you can stay productive.
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Secure Virtual Data Room to Meet Your Needs

Our project management software is trusted by M&A professionals throughout the industry.
View-only access

View-only access allows for viewing, but does not give access to downloading documents. You no longer have to worry about documents being saved for later.

Document view restriction

Restrict the portion of an individual document viewable by a particular group or individual. This can facilitate collaboration, safely.

Customizable document permissions

Maintain complete control over who can access specific information in your data room due diligence. Keep proprietary information out of the wrong hands.

Dynamic & static watermarking

Decide what documents need a watermark with the click of a button.

Intuitive user management

Easily add users and set their access permissions to exactly what you want.

Monitoring & reporting

Our monitoring and reporting lets you gain insight on user’s login time, files accessed, and time spent with docs.

Confidential Application and File Storage

We designed our applications in line with industry security standards in order to defend against any exploitation of vulnerabilities.
Strict ID protocol

Strict single-user ID and password protocols protect all your data. Each user has their own unique login.

Two-factor authentication

Multi-factor password authentication reduces the risk of password theft. It requires users and administrations to login with two factors.

Encrypted and protected data

All data is encrypted and protected in transit and at rest. This prevents unauthorized data visibility.

Customizable allowances

Users can personalize allowances for access and permissions. Admin teams can also set controls across all users.

Data siloing in private cloud servers

Data can be stored in private cloud servers. This allows for data to be stored and accessed by the appropriate parties.

Eliminated insecure emails

Eliminate the use of insecure email to share and transfer sensitive documents. Keep all communication within the secure platform.

Secure File Sharing and Data Storage Platform

Our platform-level security features encrypt and protect data at rest, in transit and in use. They also provide reporting and analytics, and enable organizations to control storage architecture to comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.
Data Encryption

All data is supported by 256-bit AES data encryption, so it is safe and secure.

Inclusive Reporting

Comprehensive audit reports and analytics for regulated and non-regulated industries.

Accident Redemption

Disaster recovery with repeated failover capabilities and data center recovery testing.

Privacy Laws Standards

Compliance with data privacy laws enabled by distributed content node architecture.

Adjunct to Existing Securities

Extension of existing enterprise security technologies to maximize ROI.

Worldwide Network

Global storage network to enable compliance with regional data sovereignty requirements.

Complete M&A Project Management Application Control

Additional application security capabilities restrict information access based on group, individual and device. They also maintain audit trails and control sign-in requirements.
Control Capabilities

Configurable control of file, folder and workspace access by group, user and device.

Role Allocation

Team resource management facilitated by assignable roles.

Detailed Trails

Full audit trails with real-time status and detailed compliance reports.

Functionality Authority

Control of specific application functionality, such as local file sync and mobile device access.

Hazard Avoidance

Our software includes a risk-based multifactor rules engine to ensure hazard avoidance.


As part of our security promise to our clients, DealRoom has specific data-driven authentication rules.

Secure Virtual Data Center Certifications

DealRoom’s Data Center Certifications for Security and Compliance
SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402

(formerly SAS 70)

SOC 2 Type II

(formerly SAS 70 Type II)

HIPAA/ITAR compliant
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DOD CSM Levels 1-5
PCI DSS Level 1
ISO 9001 / ISO 27001
FIPS 140-2

File Backups & Redundancy

All our servers and customer data are automatically backed up daily. If hardware failure or an AWS outage should occur, all customer data can be fully recovered.

Secure Operation and File Maintenance

System performance and information security is continuously monitored by our team of highly skilled engineers. This ensures that all incidents will be handled in a timely manner by trained personnel and properly documented.

Dealroom’s security team closely monitors any updates, alerts, and advisories regarding security from system vendors, software vendors, security organizations and authorities. Our security team then follows through with appropriate mitigation methods and security controls.