April 14, 2023

Tasks Overview

New Requests Overview

The new Requests Overview shows all Request fields in a customized table view. Easily see the fields that you need to and update Requests without having to click into each one. Choose which fields are shown, adjust field width, and choose the order in which the fields appear on your screen.

This update allows you to see the fields that are most important to you and quickly update requests .

dealroom requests overview

Additional Update Information:

  • See more of your data via the new overview including reviewers, if a task has been reviewed or not, and task start / end dates
  • Inline editing of all custom fields within the tasks overview - faster and easier data entry like in Excel
  • Quick filters at the top such as assignees, reviewers, status, and priority
  • Turn all the columns on or off to adjust your view, reorder what you see, and set your desired width
  • Setup which columns to fix in place when scrolling horizontally, select ID + Title (similar to Excel)
  • Search has been added for all filters and overall UX is improved