October 24, 2022

Platform Navigation

New DealRoom Platform Navigation

Quick Access to Any Part of the Platform

Switch between different product areas such as rooms, pipeline, notifications, and personal account settings faster. Everything is organized in a new left-side navigation menu.

dealroom platform switching between different rooms
switching to different product areas

Organization switching

Each organization that you have added will be at the top. All rooms, pipelines, and other work areas associated with the organization will show up. Click the dropdown to switch between organizations and related data.

switch between different organizations
organization toggle

Your Rooms

Now a list of all the rooms of a selected organization is easy to find. The in-room navigation menu will still be at the top.

list of dealroom rooms
list of your rooms

User Settings

Locate the user settings menu at the bottom of the new navigation menu under your avatar, including notification settings, security settings, and account details.

Locate the user settings menu
Locate the user settings menu

Rename Organizations

Admins can rename from organization settings.

organization renaming in dealroom
organization renaming