November 4, 2020

Import deals into your deals pipeline

Tired of using Excel and worrying about version control? By importing your deals from Excel into DealRoom, all your deal information will be in one place, updated in real-time. Upon import, the metadata fields are auto-populated with your current information. DealRoom's deal metadata settings allows you to pick what information is shown, and even the displayed order is customizable.

Customize metadata fields

The deal metadata settings is where you can pick what information is shown in the deal Excel view. Here you can add any specific text you want and select the field type. Simply drag to structure the columns’ order.

Download the sample Excel import file

You can download our sample Excel file and place your deals’ information into the format, and import it into DealRoom. The column titles that you want to show up can be customized from the meta datafield under “Settings”. For example, you can have columns titled phases, start date, description, revenue, prospect etc, whatever meets your deals’ needs.

Start deals importing

The deal import button is where you can import your current deals’ Excel sheet. The columns will auto populate the meta data fields and be displayed as your column titles on the platform.

Imported deals data

Once a deal is imported, you can view the deal details in the deal card view. Here is where you can preview all the deal information, access the notes and phases, and set up the deal room.