September 2, 2023

Dynamic Dates: Make Your Schedules as Dynamic as Your Deals

In the M&A world, timelines are more than just dates—they're the backbone of your deal.

But let's face it, how often do milestone dates actually stick?

Dynamic dates are here to tackle this very issue. This feature auto-adjusts your diligence and integration tasks in real-time, eliminating the need to manually update each task's start and due dates when a milestone shifts.

It's not just about saving time; it's about enhancing the accuracy and reliability of your entire deal timeline.

"We needed a way to automatically adjust all request due dates when the deal close date or other milestone changed. Dynamic dates solved this. The auto-adjust saved us countless hours."

Real-time auto-adjustments

Forget the heavy lifting of updating each task's start and due dates when milestones change. With dynamic dates, your schedule auto-adjusts in real-time.

Real-time auto-adjustments

For instance, if your "LOI Submission Date" moves, every task linked to that milestone will automatically update, keeping your schedule in sync by automatically adjusting task dates the moment you tweak a milestone.

For example, the moment you change the date of a milestone like "LOI Submission" all linked tasks auto-adjust their start and due dates, without any manual work needed.

Easily plan, set, (and forget) it

Take control over your deal's schedule. Dynamic dates lets you set tasks to trigger based on your own custom milestones.

custom fields in DealRoom

For example, you can set a task to be due "10 days before Due Diligence Kick-off," and the system will automatically calculate the exact due date for you.

You can customize these milestones in your custom fields settings. Whether it's "LOI Submission" or "Deal Close," you define what matters.

"The real-time adjustments have made our diligence process more efficient and reliable. I felt like I was always on top of our deal timeline. Other project management tools we used were nowhere near as efficient."

Role-specific security

Maintain the integrity of your deal's timeline. Only org admins have the authority to set up, edit, or break dynamic date links. This ensures there are no accidental changes throwing off your schedule.

Role-specific security

If any date is manually changed by an organization admin, the dynamic link will be adjusted. Other admins and managers aren't able to set or break dynamic dates, ensuring that only intentional changes are made.

See it in action

Not a DealRoom user? We invite you to schedule a free walkthrough with us and experience firsthand how our platform can make your diligence and integration processes more efficient and adaptable.

Already a DealRoom user? You can dive right into using Dynamic Dates by checking out our step-by-step guide on how to set up and make the most of this game-changing feature.