September 14, 2020

Downloading Files: Reimagined

Stop wasting time waiting for files to download. The updated flow of documents downloading allows you to download files in a specified format, check the download progress, be notified, and work in other tabs without interrupting the download progress.

Start downloading documents

Select which files you wish to download, along with the final format. You can download as many as you need at a time, individually, or do a bulk download.

Choose how you want your downloads to appear. Options include - indexes in the titles, retained folder structure, and email notifications upon completion.

Check the downloading process

Have an uninterrupted downloading process, even if you go to work in other tabs. The download progress box will keep you updated on how much longer the download will take.

Check the issues if any

View issues (if any) with your downloaded files. The download progress box will alert you of any errors.