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DealRoom solves many common software pain points surrounding IPO diligence. Save time and hit deadlines with our unparalleled platform.

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Data Room for IPO and Diligence Management

Companies need more than just a typical data room for their initial public offering (IPO) due diligence. The IPO process is one of the most intricate circumstances that an expanding business will go through. Lawyers, accountants, human resources, the investment bank, etc. need a place to safely collaborate and collect all the internal files and documents that make up the business. This allows parties such as auditors, investors, and regulators to examine the ins and outs of the company going public.

Due to the fact that IPOs require so many individuals working together, more than just a traditional data room is required. Teams managing IPOs need a place to organize workflows, manage task, assign roles, share documents, and more.

DealRoom provides diligence, internal, and external management on a user friendly and innovative interface. We utilize smart technology to help teams complete due diligence 40% faster. We also offer flat rate, inclusive pricing plans so there are no surprise invoices.
DealRoom Solves Common IPO Software Pain Points
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IPO Software Advantages

DealRoom is the go-to diligence management and VDR platform for IPOs.
Streamline Workflows

Going from email, to Excel files, to Word documents, a VDR, back to email, etc. is inefficient. Our platform can house the full diligence lifecycle, creating smooth workflows and a more productive process.

Unparalleled Security

Our software not only meets industry standards, but goes above and beyond to ensure confidentiality. DealRoom includes security features such as data siloing in private cloud servers, 256-bit AES data encryption, and two-factor authentication.

Value, at an Affordable Cost

Our platform offers beneficial diligence management, project management and data storage, all at a price that makes sense. Our plans include unlimited users, unlimited data, and no overage fees for a one time flat rate.

Useful Analytics

Unlike other traditional VDRs, our software enables teams to run the full diligence process through the platform. This captures incredibly valuable data, such as potential investors’ activity, that would otherwise be lost.

Why the IPO Process Needs Task Management and a Virtual Data Room

DealRoom’s M&A software helps you and your team strategically prepare for an IPO from day one. Our platform is designed to provide value for not just document collection, but task management as well. The state of the art VDR feature within DealRoom is intuitive and enables quicker diligence, however, it is just a small fraction of the platform. We completely eliminate common IPO preparation software challenges, such as Excel trackers, version control worries, unexpected invoices, and more. Check out how DealRoom solves real IPO software challenges.

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Diligence Management for Initial Public Offerings

DealRoom’s diligence management and data room software ensures a smooth IPO preparation process. Checkout the advantages of using DealRoom for your IPO diligence lifecycle.
Straightforward Permissions

Every file in the data room falls under four permission levels including view with a watermark, download with a watermark, download original, and edit. Permissions are set by groups and can be updated at any time.

Smart Technology

DealRoom utilizes innovative technology such as smart search, recall, and live updates, to save users time. For example, with the help of machine learning, the system will pull up previously related documents and responses to prevent duplicate work.

Task Management

Never “drop the ball” again. Our task management capability allows teams to set assignees, followers, due dates, reminders, and more, to enable efficient task completion. Users can access their personal tasks with one click in the “assigned to me” list.

24/7 Access

We understand that in the time leading up to an IPO, teams need to be able to access files and documents at any time. Our software allows for 24/7 access, and it is mobile and tablet friendly.

Fluently Fulfill Requests

When a request is assigned to you, simply drag and drop the correlating file needed to answer that request. Need to upload more than one file? No problem, you can also bulk upload.

Premade Templates

We offer a free library of premade templates for users to download. This way, teams don’t need to create a new template for every new project they are working on and can get started right away.

DealRoom Solves IPO Software Challenges
Our platform is designed to fix and prevent common diligence challenges that companies face before going public.
Version Control and Excel Trackers

Tired of sending an Excel tracker back and forth between team members? Our platform completely eliminates the need for Excel trackers, and all changes are made in real time. All requests that occur during the IPO process can go through the platform, as well as progress updates, comments, questions, and more.

Tedious Emails

Sending one-off emails to ask a simple question is time consuming, and responses often get lost. Instead of relying on email, teams can communicate about requests, documents, and other files within the platform.

Costly Software

Unlike traditional virtual data rooms, we do not charge per page and you will never receive a surprise invoice. We offer flat rate pricing plans that include unlimited data and no overage fees. Our plans also include unlimited users, so if you need to add more team members, no problem.

Secure File Sharing

Have you ever been frustrated by having to search through a lengthy email thread for a file attachment? Our platform is a complete secure way to share, transfer, and upload files. The platform supports all file types, and files can be bulk uploaded, instead of one by one. And due to smart search, users can find the documents they are looking for in minutes.

"The data room provides an easy to use platform. I do not have to waste my time attempting to find certain features or figure out how the data room works. It's incredibly straightforward. Everything works well and no features are lacking."
Kate Saffard, Vice President

All Inclusive Pricing

No matter what size business you are, we have a plan that will work for you. Our platform includes diligence, integration, and project management, as well as a full feature data room and a dedicate success manager.

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