An Innovative Data Room for Finance

Data rooms especially designed for the finance industry provide M&A teams with the right tools and software they need to close deals faster. At DealRoom, our goal is to assist M&A finance teams with all their data room needs and then some.

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Overcome your biggest challenges using an innovative data room built for finance

Team leaders working in silos

DealRoom provides real-time collaboration and updates, so you never have to worry about version control. This allows functional leaders to have clear visibility into each other's insights and progress.

Confined collaboration between workstreams

With DealRoom, there is visibility across workstreams, deal information can be effortlessly shared. This reduces dedicated efforts to remove duplicate requests and creates a better experience.

Limited multiparty support

While most M&A finance tools are primarily designed for internal use, DealRoom also facilitates requests with the target company and various third parties all in one process. Less scatter of communication and data means a better process for everyone.

Failure to Access Cross Functional Priorities

DealRoom’s software provides a live, centralized program backlog. This gives context to cross functional backlogs and dependencies in order to allow all teams from varying departments to highlight priorities that benefit the deal’s overall success.

Constant Change to the Deal’s State

During a deal, new information is constantly discovered, rapidly altering the deal. DealRoom’s platform allows finance teams to follow these changes and respond to them in real time by centralizing all communication and information.

Knowledge Chasm between Deal Stages

Save time and improve execution having access to knowledge captured in during various deal stages. For example, diligence items can be tagged for integration and copied right into the integration plan to enable a smooth continuous flow and get an updated plan.

Close deals faster

A Financial Data Room Software that Enables Teams to Make Swift Decisions

When overseeing a financial transaction, teams need reliable software to manage their processes. They not only need a data room designed for the finance industry, they also need a project management tool. So, why not choose a provider that incorporates both aspects into one platform? Not only is DealRoom a modern financial data room, the software is also an innovative project management system, built to manage every aspect of the deal.

How do teams keep everything organized and prevent information chaos? Finance data rooms, such as DealRoom, help paint a clear picture of multiple tasks in a structured and visual way. You can always know what’s coming down the pipeline, stay on top of due dates, share files and information, collaborate with other team members, and safely store data. We enable individuals to act swiftly, provide third-parties with necessary information, and gain useful insights from data analytics.
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Benefits of DealRom’s Finance Data Room

When tasked with deal strategic, M&A finance professionals trust DealRoom to help them get the job done from day one to close.
Secure Data and Document Storage

DealRoom is a 100% safe location to store and share financial documents/files, human resources information intellectual property, and more.

Transaction Management

With our pipeline management, users can go back-and-forth between multiple deals quickly, and easily stay on top of critical deadlines.

Room Personalization

Each deal room can be customized through logos, request statues, email settings, watermarks, and more.

Customized Training

Whether your team is comprised of 5 or 50, we designate a customer success manager who will customize your training plan to make sure every user knows how to use the full-functionality of our software.

Team Collaboration

Due to the software’s ability to comment, assign, review, file transfer etc. collaboration has never been easier.

Internal Team Management

Department heads and leaders can spin up separate rooms for tasks and requests (not related to specific projects) for internal organization and management.

Finally, a Data Room Software Specifically Built for Finance

The ability to stay organized and effectively run multiple projects is critical when you are managing a financial transaction. M&A finance need to be able to constantly stay in the loop with deal progress and updates. Check out how DealRoom’s finance data room software keeps teams organized and focused.

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Innovative M&A Finance Data Room That Streamlines Your Process

At DealRoom, we are committed to equip your M&A finance team with the right tools to get deals closed swiftly and efficiently. We provide innovative software that enables strategic planning and decision making. If a disorganized process, risky document sharing, back and forth emails, and lack of control sounds a little too familiar, it’s time to try DealRoom. We solve all these common data room software issues and more.
Disorganized process

Multiple projects? No problem. With our pipeline management, you have an organized bird’s-eye view of everything in the works.

Risky Document Sharing

Sharing confidential documents and files? With DealRoom, you can rest assured that all data shared and transferred within the platform is secure.

Back and Forth Emails

Tired of long email threads and misplaced attachments? Now, your file sharing, data storage, pipeline management, communication, can all be on one platform.

Lack of Control

Never stress about user permissions and access control again. Users can adjust and choose from 4 simple permissions to decide who can see what.

"The functionality was the best I've come across, having used 10+ different data sites in the past. And having the document request list integrated to the data room was a big help. Overall, I would love to use DealRoom whenever I have a future opportunity to suggest a site. It is hands down the best I've come across thus far"
Christopher M. | Manager, Accounting

All Inclusive Pricing

No matter what size business you are, we have a plan that will work for you. Our finance data room software includes diligence, integration, and project management, as well as a dedicated success manager.

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