Virtual Data Room for Startups and Investors

When it comes to startups, prospective investors need accessibility and a clear picture of what they may be investing in. DealRoom provides startups and investors a place to share information, collaborate, and communicate with one another.

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Full Feature Data Room for Startups and Investors

A key part of running a startup is raising funds. When you are initially communicating with investors, you need a way to share critical files, quickly respond to questions, and send vital updates. You also need to know when investors view specific documents, and for how long, in order for you to make the right next steps. And our platform does just that.

DealRoom provides a secure way for startups to communicate with investors, and keep them informed. Our software has internal and external project management, as well as a full feature data room. In other words, a one-stop-shop for startups and investors to work together. First and foremost, our data room  is a safe place to collect, house, and distribute the thousands of files and documents that make up your startup. All parties stay updated on files of interest, and can easily contribute their thoughts and questions. It also provides a way for startups to stay in control of their information in the case of a deal not going through. Trust us, once you use DealRoom your process will never be the same.
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Data Room for Startups and Investor Due Diligence

Organize and manage investor due diligence using DealRoom’s smart software.
Simple and Prompt Implementation

Once you are signed up, our team works with users to have their room up and running in minutes. Use drag and drop and pre-made templates to get the room populated and investors involved quickly. You are also assigned a customer success manager to walk your team through onboarding and training.

Focus on the Business, not the Software

Our software is designed to enable startups to work efficiently with potential investors, not be distracted by VDR problems. We continuously add new features to make your process as smooth as possible. If anyone has a question or concern, our customer success team is available 24/7.

Insightful User Activity

When all activities, like diligence, are run through platform you gain a lot of insight to user engagement. No more bulk downloads, means no more lost data. The way users behave within the platform can help teams make strategic and well informed decisions.

Everything in One Place

When relying on email and other outlets to share files, things often get misplaced, lost, or even deleted. Say goodbye to searching through endless email threads for one document. DealRoom’s smart search makes it easy for users to find any file, no matter where the file was placed.

Startups & Investors Need More than Just a Virtual Data Room

DealRoom’s software enables startup teams to create a better process from day one. Our software is designed not only to provide value for document and file collection, but also a company's day to day operations. The VDR feature within DealRoom is just a small fraction of the platform. Our platform combines project management, data storage, and analytics all into one integrated tool. And we not only teach teams how to use our software, but also the important benefits of applying Agile project management to their business.

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Project Management and Data Room Investors

DealRoom isn’t just a standard investor data room. We combine project management capabilities with a full feature data room to enable startups to have the most efficient process possible.
Real Time Updates

Everything in the data room, including files and documents, are updated in real time, preventing version control worries. Specific roles receive time stamped notifications when actions have been made on a request.

Request Tab

With the request tab, team members can attach any file type, add comments, and ask questions to the appropriate person. Stay current on changes and comments with the easy to follow communication thread associated with each request.

Secure Data Storage

Conveniently store all your company’s sensitive files and documents within the room, and set permissions as you see fit. All information is encrypted and copy protected.

Perceptive Analytics

Know which investors view files and documents in the room, and know what information is of interest to them. This way you can make the appropriate next steps.

Save Time

Say goodbye to the days of emailing interested and involved parties one by one. Within DealRoom, you can safely share files and documents with multiple parties with the click of a button.

Save Money

Unlike other virtual data rooms, we do not charge per page. We offer flat rate pricing models that include unlimited data and users, with no overage fees or long-term contracts.

DealRoom Conveniently Integrates with Tools Finance Startups Use Everyday

At DealRoom, we understand that startups need to have the best digital tools and software available, including services that go beyond our direct realms. That’s why we choose to integrate with additional software platforms that are innovative leaders within their industry such as Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365.

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DealRoom Solves Critical Startup Challenges
Our software is designed to fix and prevent common diligence and investor challenges that startups face.
Raising Funds

Whether you choose to raise money via venture capital, crowdfunding, bank loans, etc. it’s never easy. Startups need to convince investors that their idea is worthy of an investment. With DealRoom, startups can invite potential investors into a room where they have access to any files they need to make their decision.

Secure Due Diligence

Traditional diligence is time consuming, tedious, and uses outdated technology. With our software, all of diligence can be completed within the platform, eliminating the need for Excel trackers, one-off emails, and unsafe file sharing.

Keep Investors Informed

Once a startup has investors, they need a way to keep everyone informed and up to date on strategic decisions. Ensure that investors have access to financial updates, growth reports, intellectual property information, and more, by using DealRoom.

Scaling the Business Model

Startups need to show investors that they have a scalable business model. DealRoom enables teams to spin up presentable Excel or PDF reports, create internal project management workflows, and more, to help build out strategic business models.

"It’s easy to use, set up, and assign various teams for. Good analytics also based on usage from various users/teams."
Maneesh S., Managing Director

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M&A Platform Price


Find out more about DealRoom’s pricing plans. Once you pick a plan, you can have a room up and running within minutes.
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  2. Professional - for Deal Teams
  3. Company - for Multiple Teams
  4. Enterprise - for High Volume
  5. Deal / Project Based

All Inclusive Pricing

No matter what size business you are, we have a plan that will work for you. Our platform includes diligence, integration, and project management, as well as a full feature data room and a dedicate success manager.